Thanks to everyone who's been stopping by. For those of you who saw the spot, although the purple ceiling made us all feel warm and fuzzy, we felt that we may want to go with a different color scheme. The ceiling is done, and the walls will be finished this weekend. A stripe at 10 feet for your wall-balling pleasure will also be added. Welding of the pull-up system will start on Monday, as will the delivery of the equipment. Flooring on Monday and Tuesday and we'll be ready to go. Our plan is to be open for business the week of the 15th but that is always subject to delay!  

The first Foundations class will likely begin the week of March 15th- the schedule will be posted soon. Space is limited so if you're interested send us an email (info@crossfit-evolve.com) and we'll keep you in the loop. Keep an eye out, more to come soon!

IMG_0450 - Copy
Lynn showing off his expert tape and mud skills! For those of you who are keeping track, paint will start tomorrow, pull-up system and equipment will be installed Monday, and flooring early next week. Then it's game on!

One thing we have learned from CrossFit is that the competitive spirit in all of us can make the most of our workouts. Many of us have a competitve sports background, whether it was high school, college, rec league, or soccer when we were 5 years old. However, life sometimes gets in the way: job, family, our kids' sports, and it's tough to find an outlet for that competitive spirit.

In January 2010, Allison Berger wrote an article for the CrossFit Journal about CrossFitting after 40. Not that 40 is what anyone would call "old". However, the 40th year is a milestone where sometimes people reflect back and then look forward. In the article, Allison talks about the competitive nature of CrossFit and how it can push people further, which is a good thing when trying to improve fitness:

But CrossFit changes everything. It taps into those parts of our psyches that house competitive instincts and fuel our physical pursuits. It calls upon dormant hormones and startles to awareness the athlete in all of us. With each WOD, we are forced to decide how hard we will push, how fast we will go, how much we will lift, how well we will move. Unlike our contemporaries gliding on the elliptical machines with magazines in hand, we cannot go through the motions of our exercises while thinking about something entirely unrelated.

Pretty cool insight. If we push ourselves a little further each workout, think of the cumulative effect over a month, 6 months, or a year. It can certainly add up. Not to mention a little competition with your friends is always fun!

Today was a huge day at 4211 S. Mason (shameless address plug). The entire space has been gutted thanks to all the help we had today. The office, front reception area, desks, cabinets, and drop ceiling frames were all removed. Check out the pics in the Photo Albums to see what went down, it's pretty amazing. Thanks to Ladder 5 for coming over for building construction training. After they were done they removed an entire office in 5 minutes. Literally, they had all walls down and out the front door in 5 minutes. And thanks to Shawn McGaffin, the master of drywall, who stuck around when the hour long help-out turned to 5 hours. Kevin Contreras helped us with the electrical today and managed to avoid getting shocked even once because he's a pro. Without our friends and family we would never have gotten this far. Thanks again you guys!


Master electrician Contreras.


Opening up.


 The Prince of Demolition, Little Gino!

The new location of CrossFit Evolve – 4211 South Mason St.

The lease has been signed! The new location of CrossFit Evolve is 4211 South Mason. We have a great space to get started in. The next few weeks will be busy with the demo of an office and reception area to open up some more room. A little paint after that, moving in the equipment, and we should be ready to roll. Check back for pics of the place in the photo albums.

Purple walls with a gold painting of a tiger fighting a dragon. Sweet!


Eva T. performing a front squat. Check out the full range of motion.

From time to time we've heard people say that CrossFit is dangerous. We've also heard rumor of people who have been hurt doing CrossFit. The story will often go that someone looked up the WOD on the main site and figured they'd give it a shot. The WOD typically involved something like a deadlift, squat, snatch, clean, box jumps, etc. They threw on the weight as prescribed and went to work. They then ended up with a hurt back/hamstring/quad/glute. And it was CrossFit that hurt them, or so the story goes. When more questions are asked, some things come to light: the injured party doesn't regularly do CrossFit, has minimal experience in olympic lifts, has not been coached in technique or range of motion, and had poor technique during the best of circumstances. So, was it CrossFit that hurt them?

Major David Blackmon who trains athletes at Black and Gold CrossFit at West Point, wrote an article in the February CrossFit Journal titled "Warning Signs". In this article, he talks about a boot-camp style workout he attended when he was new to CrossFit. They were typically chippers lasting over 30 minutes with lots of different exercised. The problem with some of these classes are they have a ton of movements (which to some defines CrossFit), but lack functionality:

CrossFit is not dangerous, but a half-assed version of something you think is CrossFit, devoid of common sense and appropriate scaling, could be incapacitating.

That's not to say that people won't get injured doing CrossFit. As with any exercise program or sport, you're pushing yourself to new limits. But that risk can be greatly minimized with appropriate coaching. Learn the movements the right way with the full range of motion. Once the moves can be expertly performed, then add weight and later intensity.

Major Blackman offers a list regarding responsibility. Here are just a few:

You are responsible for your own safety, and you are responsible for how you train your body.

Do not misinterpret the goals and methods of the CrossFit program.

Familiarize yourself with CrossFit movement standards. They exist for your safety and will also help you achieve your best results.

Do not attempt WODs you are unprepared for. Ask you trainer about scaling for maximum results.

Educate yourself by visiting CrossFit.com and reading the CrossFit Journal.

Pursue virtuosity in every movement.

Good advice. If you've been doing WODs on your own or thought about trying out CrossFit, come check us out and see how we can help!

A sweat angel from CrossFit Montclair (www.crossfitmontclair.com)

"Performance is directly correlated with intensity. Intensity is directly correlated with discomfort."

-Greg Glassman

A couple of days ago we posted about the importance of intensity. That's where the results lie. The hard part is that in order to bring the intensity, you also bring the discomfort. The cool thing about CrossFit is that you'e not only working your body, you're working your mind (cheesey but true). There's a certain amount of mental fortitude that comes with pushing your limits. You may hit your limit quickly in the begining, but just like with anything, the more you practice and train and put yourself out there, the farther you can go. Your getting physically stronger for sure, but there is a tremendous increase in psychological strength during the process. You walk a little taller after smoking a workout, knowing you left absolutley nothing behind. We're going to be opening in a matter of weeks. Get ready to see whay you're capable of!

Pic from www.nymag.com

Every so often someone points out that there's no "cardio" in most CrossFit workouts. Sure, every now and again there's a 5k run, sometimes a 5k row, and once in a great while the good ol' 10k. But to the many who feel that a workout is incomplete without a good 45 minutes on the eliptical, CrossFit is missing something. For those of you who know Fran well or have broken 20 rounds during Cindy, you're laughing to yourself about the percieved lack of cardio in the programming. But to be fair, it is a departure from the traditional LSD (long slow distance) cardio many know and love. Check out this blog from yesterday at CrossFit Invictus (www.crossfitinvictus.com):

Say No To LSD
Written by Michele Vieux

I have been asked many times, especially now that the LGFGPG Challenge is in full effect, if people should do “cardio” on their own in addition to their strength and conditioning workouts at Invictus.  My initial reaction is usually, “how was traditional ‘cardio’ working for you before Invictus?”  Think back on the low-fat/fat-free craze of the 90’s – long, slow distance (”LSD”) endeavors are kind of like that “conventional wisdom” that we now know to have been poor guidance.

Paradigm shift here people.  What so many of you know as the quintessential pillars of health and fitness are wrong!  I know this blows some of your minds but fat-free and LSD are old news, and could even be causing you harm!

Besides being extremely boring (IMHO), there can also be health costs of repetitive mid- and high-level aerobic work that should make you take another look at your routine.

What is LSD?  LSD can come in many forms, including running, biking, rowing, and even CrossFit (you know, those chipper WODs or 7 to 10 rounders that take 45 minutes to complete).

Most of the Invictus workouts are a bit different.  Invictus workouts provide a strength foundation with conditioning that typically calls for quick bursts of speed.  Work periods are typically shorter, and often some rest periods are provided to ensure that athletes can recover and regain their ability to perform at a higher intensity.  Most (not all) of the workouts at Invictus will take under 15 minutes (of work at least, if not the total time of the workout).

LSD workouts typically require large glucose reserves created by the body from large amounts of dietary carbohydrates.  Invictus workouts, on the other hand, train the body to derive more energy from fats, not glucose, requiring fewer calories from carbohydrates.

LSD also increases cortisol and insulin levels, which can tell your body to store fat, cannibalize lean mass, and make you more susceptible to infection and injury.  Invictus workouts work in different metabolic pathways and tend to increase aerobic capacity, insulin sensitivity, and natural growth hormone production.

Finally, LSD tends to emphasize quantity of movement (distance, high volume, etc…) over quality of movement – which can reinforce poor movement patterns.  Invictus workouts tend to include less volume and higher intensity (heavier weight and/or shorter work durations).  Focusing on heavier weight shifts focus onto quality of movement and helps to emphasize proper mechanics and technique.  Think of it this way, you don’t need to be very precise to snatch 65 lbs, but if you’re snatching 135 lbs. or more (ladies), you’re probably going to need to perform the movement a bit more precisely.

To me, the choice is obvious.  Spend your valuable time on short, intense workouts to increase aerobic capacity, train your body to burn fat for fuel and build lean mass, and move in a safe and efficient manner.  If you have spare time, spend it preparing your meals (remember folks, nutrition is going to be your best friend for changed body composition).  If all of your meals are planned and prepared, you’ve completed a hard Invictus workout, you’re getting at least 8 hours of sleep at night, and you still want to do some extra “cardio,” come talk to one of your coaches about a good plan.  It can be beneficial, but it shouldn’t come at the expense of your nutrition, rest or recovery.

Great news – we've negotiated the details and received the lease in the mail for our spot. Our lawyer will be reviewing it this week. As it stands we'll take possesion of the space on March 1st, a few weeks will be spent on a little remodel and paint, and then we'll get going – finally! Stay tuned for more updates – it's getting closer! 


One of the main points of CrossFit is that intensity is what brings the good shit. Intensity can get you whatever you're looking for out of a fitness program: decreased fat, increased strength, increased power, etc. In order to bring the intensity, we use a stopwatch to gauge how fast we're going. The faster the time, the more power is produced, and the greater the intensity. Intensity brings fitness. Intensity also brings something else - discomfort. We'll talk about discomfort at another time!

2009 CrossFit Games winners. Photo from www.teamcrossfitacademy.com

The CrossFit Mountain States Sectionals will be held March 20-21 in Golden. This is a great opportunity to either compete in the WODs or volunteer. Either way, you'll see first hand what CrossFit is all about. The 2009 Regional Games were when we realized what we were missing by CrossFitting solo in Globo Gyms,and that's what inspired us to start CF Evolve. You'll be forever changed by this event, guaranteed. The CrossFit Community is out in full force for these events, come be a part of it.

This is the last week to signe up as a volunteer. Check out the volunteer page here: http://www.crossfitverve.com/volunteers/


Opie working on the new squat/press stands 


Almost done! Thanks for the help Opie!

When we started this journey called CrossFit Evolve, we realized very quickly that we couldn't do this alone. And why would we want to? What we're trying to create is a community, something that everyone who walks through the door feels they have a stake in. We truly believe that, and it's dictated how we do things leading up to opening the doors. We're fortunate to have friends and family who are highly skilled individuals: master welders, carpenters, fabricators, photographers, graphic designers. All have offered their services to help CF Evolve become a reality. Without these people, we wouldn't be moving forward, we'd be stuck. They believe in our vision, and they unselfishly jump in with both feet to help us out. We owe them a lot. And we hope we give them something too – the feeling that they have a stake in CF Evolve. It's likely that not everyone will workout here, but they should know that they're part of the CF Evolve community. Thanks to everyone who's offered to help!


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