Overhead box squats

12 x 2

This is for speed, do each rep FAST!



For time run:

800m forward

400m backward

800m forward

400m backward

Compare to 100518.


Karl digs into the bands!

As the Paleo Challenge approaches, one thing you may want to consider adding to your arsenal is coconut oil. You may have already tried it out as part of Sarah G's eggplant recipe. It's great to cook with for a lot of reasons. It is loaded with fat – the good kind. One of those fats is lauric acid, which has health benefits including promoting healthy metabolism, as well as anti-viral, anti-fungal, and anti-bacterial properties. When cooking at high heats, vegetable oils can break down and oxidize forming free radicals. Coconut oil is resistant to this breakdown. You cook with it as you would with butter or olive oil. There is a hint of coconut taste, which is an added benefit to your recipes. You kitchen will also smell like the beach when you use it, which may be an plus, especially if sipping a Nor-Cal Marg (you'll learn about those soon!). Give it a try the next time your recipe calls for cooking with butter or oil!

I had heard rumor from Ryan G. that there are other non-culinary benefits to coconut oil so we did a little research and here's what we found from a variety of sources:

It can be used as skin moisturizer and can be found in skin creams, lotions, and soaps.

When used for skin care, it can make the skin look better because of its antioxidant properties.

It can be used in hair to make it shiny, and when massaged in the scalp it can help with dandruff.

A head massage with coconut oil can relieve stress.

It can be rubbed on bruises to speed up healing.

When taken straight, it can help with digestive problems such as IBS.

Coconut oil has been researched as an engine lubricant.

These claims are not made by us, we are simply sharing some information. We are not responsible for the cost of engine repair if you replace your motor oil with coconut oil!



Here is everything you’ll need to get ready for the 2010 Evolve Paleo Challenge! We’ll attempt to answer all your questions here. If not, please ask any of your coaches. We love talking about this stuff!

Here’s the food log: Download Paleo Food Log

We want to start out by saying this is meant to be challenging, but it won’t be as bad as you think. You can look at it as a dreadful thing that you really don’t want to do, or you can look at it as an opportunity. An opportunity to see what it’s like to completely change how you fuel. We hear the talk, and we know some of you are more frightened of this challenge than any WOD we could put on the board! Don’t worry, it will be OK. You can do anything for 30 days, and you’ll never know unless you try, right?  Give it a chance and see what works for you and what doesn’t. At the very least, you’ll look at what you put in your body with a critical eye. This is a good thing!

How will the challenge work?

The challenge will be from Friday, October 1st to Saturday, October 30th.

Before you start a couple of things will happen. First, you’ll have your weight taken, measurements recorded, and body fat measured. These numbers will again be recorded at the end of the challenge, and you’ll have measurable results. We also want you to take a before and after picture. This will be done on your own in the privacy of your house, and they won’t be shared unless you want to share them. Fellas, go shirtless in shorts, ladies in a sports bra and shorts. Take pics from the front, side, and back. You will be happy when you see your ending photo!

We will provide you with a log to record what you eat each meal and number of hours you sleep each night. These logs will be checked by a coach each week, and we’ll offer suggestions on improvement if needed. You’re probably saying ” this is going to be a lot of extra work”. It may feel that way in the beginning, but you will be less likely to slip up if you have to write it down. Plus it gives your coaches a good opportunity to offer suggestions to help you be successful.

What if I screw up?

So what! It might happen. Do we want you to be perfect during this time? Yep. Is it possible that you may slip up? Yep. Here’s the thing, if you’re working hard to clean up your nutrition you’re already doing better than most. The more dialed in you are, the better your results will be. However, if during this time you slip up, get over it. Don’t throw in the towel. Let it go, and get back to work. But don’t look at this as a Get Out Of Jail Free Card! You guys give your all in the box every day. Give your all during this too. You are strong and determined, and we know you won’t accept being mediocre at anything, including this! 

What will I eat during the paleo challenge?

As it says in World-Class Fitness in 100 Words: Eat lean meats and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch and no sugar. Robb Wolf says: “Eat meat that once had a face and a soul”. This will be a good rule of thumb as to where you get your protein. Beef, pork, chicken, turkey, lamb, and fish are all good sources. Eggs will work as well. Beans, tofu, soy, and dairy are not suitable sources.

You will also eat vegetables during the challenge. I know some avoid vegetables as much as possible. Look at this as an opportunity to find out what you can stomach. If you can’t stand brussel sprouts, no need to eat them. There are plenty of choices out there. Use this as an opportunity to experiment on how to prepare them. We have a lot of websites on our Nutrition page. Grab some recipes and try em out!

What will I avoid during the challenge?

  • Grains (wheat, rice, brown rice, whole grains, corn, quinoa, rye, flour),
  • Dairy (cheese, milk, cream, butter, yogurt),
  • Legumes (peanuts, beans, lentils, soy beans, and chickpeas/hummus),
  • Sugars(table sugar, brown sugar, artificial sweeteners including splenda, stevia, sweat and low), and
  • Trans fats (canola oil, vegetable oil, safflower oil and sunflower oil).

You’ll also avoid anything processed. What does this mean? Hopefully the majority of your food will come from the outer edge of the store – lean meats, fresh fruits, and fresh vegetables. If you need to go into the depths of the store, check out the label of what you’re considering. Is there an ingredient your can’t pronounce? Then it’s out. Does it have a shelf life? Afraid not – real food spoils. If you have any question at all, then it likely doesn’t meet the criteria of the food you’re looking for. Ideally, you’ll eat food with no ingredients list because they’re all natural.

What about alcohol?

There’s some debate on whether alcohol should be included as part of the paleo-style diet. If you want to maximize your results over this 30-days, then cut out the cocktails. It’s only 30 days, . you can do it. However, Dr. Loren Cordain, who authored The Paleo Diet, makes a modest allowance for alcohol. Because of this, during the challenge if you have to do it, limit yourself to 4 drinks a week (don’t have them all at the same sitting!). If you do drink, stick to this list for your grown-up beverages:,

Red or White Wine
Nor Cal Margarita (1-2 shots of tequila, squeeze of lime, salt on the glass, soda water)
Vodka with a squeeze of orange and soda water
Gin with soda water

Tonic water and diet soda won’t work! Now, if you’re feeling ambitious, you will certainly see better results by avoiding alcohol during the challenge. We’ll leave it to you!

What about post-WOD nutrition?

You know how we feel post-WOD nutrition is critical. Try and re-fuel with real food and see what happens to your recovery. However, the use of whey protein during the challenge is acceptable. Yes it falls under dairy, but if this is your only option to fuel post-WOD because you can’t tolerate real food for a time after a WOD, we’d rather have you use the whey than nothing at all.

Why do I have to record the hours of sleep each day?

You’ve heard us say that the 1 hour we spend in the box each day can be ruined by what we do the other 23 hours. Diet is a huge part, but so is sufficient rest. We’re all busy, it may surprise you to see how little rest you get. Try for more, see how you feel!

Be sure to attend the kick-off on Tuesday, September 28th at 6:30 and we’ll answer any questions you have!


Kettlebell Snatch

5 – 5 – 5 (each arm)


As many rounds as possible in 10 minutes of:

10 thrusters, 95#/64#

20 double unders


Charlotte flies!

For those of you who were at the Colorado Open, you became pretty familiar with the kettlebell snatch. Today we'll practice that movement. Remember, this is a skill session, not a strength session. Work on perfecting the movement without worrying about moving a heavy load. Don't worry, that will come. Below is a video on the kettlebell snatch. It's important to remain active throughout the movement including the catch. We've talked about the "punch" when moving KBs overhead. Check out what the video has to say, we'll review more tomorrow!




Squat Clean

5 – 3 – 3 – 1 – 1- 1


5 rounds for time of:

200m run

20 push press, 75#/45#

15 toes to bar.


Kelley D. on the GHD!

Lost of good questions about the Paleo Challenge today! We are fine tuning the details. In the meantime we'll provide you information to get your head in the right place! Here's a great primer on paleo. We've posted it before but it's worthy of another look!




Kipping pull-up work

Turkish get-up review



With a single 70#/55# kettlebell:

21 Turkish get-ups, Right arm

50 Swings

21 Overhead squats, Left arm

50 Swings

21 Overhead squats, Right arm

50 Swings

21 Turkish get-ups, Left arm


Stephen and Craig go overhead!

We love to celebrate accomplishments. Obvuiously we're fans of the ones that happen in the gym. Hence the names and times/reps/loads on the wall. But we also love to hear about the good things that happen to you guys outside of the gym. This past Sunday, Stephen finished 1st in the Clydesdale Division of the Harvest Moon Triathlon! He posted a time of 5:07:25 after swimming 1.2 miles, biking 56 miles, and running 13.1 miles. On top of that he hit the WOD on Monday – now that's recovery! Way to go Stephen, we're proud of you!


Good Mornings

5 - 5 – 5 – 5 – 5



For time:

150 wall balls, 20#/14#

Compare to 100810.

Sarah R. dials in her tripple extension during the SDLHPs!

Below is another recipe courtesey of Sarah G! So why so many recipes lately? You know how we feel about nutrition being so critical to your performance and overall well being. We can't emphasize it enough. So we decided to host our own Paleo Challenge during the month of October! That's right, it's time to dial in how we fuel and see how good it can be. Challenge details will be provided shortly. This is not mandatory by any means, but we strongly encourage everyone to participate.

In order to give everyone all the tools they need to be successful, we'll be hosting a Paleo Challenge Kick-off on Tuesday, September 28th at 6:30 PM. This isn't mandatory for participants, but it will be extremely helpful. We'll discuss the parameters of the challenge, offer details on how to eat during the month of October, and answer any questions you might have. You guys have gone further than most would ever dare simply by walking into the box every day. Now see what happens when you get your nutrition in line: better overall health, more energy, better recovery, increased performance during your WODs - the list goes on and on. There's ample time between now and the 28th to learn the basics on Paleo eating. We'll also provide a ton of info at the kick-off. Let us know if you have any questions between now and then!


Egg Muffins
1lb uncured bacon, somehow the whole pound doesn't end up in the muffins 🙂
1lb mushrooms, sliced
1/2 bunch spinach cut up
10-12 eggs
1. Preheat oven to 350.
2. cook bacon in frying pan, put aside to cool.
3. Pour out some bacon grease, but keep some in to cook veggies. 
4. Cook mushrooms down until much of the water is gone.  Add spinach and cook until wilted.
5. Crack eggs into a large mixing bowl and scramble.
6. Add cooked veggies and crumbled bacon to the eggs.
7. Line muffin tin with paper liners.  (Otherwise the eggs are extremely difficult to remove from the pan later!)  Ladel the egg/veggie mixture into the muffin tins, fill to just below top of liner.
8. Bake in oven for about 17 minutes, or until eggs are cooked all the way through. 
9. Let cool and store in tupperware of plastic baggies in the fridge.  Makes about 18.


Rest Day!


Jill goes overhead. Things look good but Paige appears unimpressed.

We recently discovered Kelly Starrett's Mobility WOD website ( – Thanks Keane! Here's a video from the site on a different way to roll out those legs. Try this the next time you hop on a roller and see how it goes.





As a team of 2 complete the following:

100 Deadlifts 145/115
100 Power Cleans 95/65
100 Ground to Overhead 65/35
43 Burpees
400 m run w/ plate, 45#/25#

In honor of the 343 firefighters who gave their all that day. When the reps get tough, remember that each rep represents one of these faces:

Never Forget. 


This is an important day to us and our families. We know it's an important day to you too. Keep these names in mind as you fight through this WOD.

We shall never forget these 343 Firefighters

Joseph Agnello, Lad.118 Lt. Brian Ahearn, Bat.13 Eric Allen, Sqd.18 (D) Richard Allen, Lad.15 Cpt. James Amato, Sqd.1 Calixto Anaya Jr., Eng.4 Joseph Agnello, Lad.118 Lt. Brian Ahearn, Bat.13 Eric Allen, Sqd.18 (D) Richard Allen, Lad.15 Cpt. James Amato, Sqd.1 Calixto Anaya Jr., Eng.4 Joseph Angelini, Res.1 (D) Joseph Angelini Jr., Lad.4 Faustino Apostol Jr., Bat.2 David Arce, Eng.33 Louis Arena, Lad.5 (D) Carl Asaro, Bat.9 Lt. Gregg Atlas, Eng.10 Gerald Atwood, Lad.21

Gerald Baptiste, Lad.9 A.C. Gerard Barbara, Cmd. Ctr. Matthew Barnes, Lad.25 Arthur Barry, Lad.15 Lt.Steven Bates, Eng.235 Carl Bedigian, Eng.214 Stephen Belson, Bat.7 John Bergin, Res.5 Paul Beyer, Eng.6 Peter Bielfeld, Lad.42 Brian Bilcher, Sqd.1 Carl Bini, Res.5 Christopher Blackwell, Res.3 Michael Bocchino, Bat.48 Frank Bonomo, Eng.230 Gary Box, Sqd.1 Michael Boyle, Eng.33 Kevin Bracken, Eng.40 Michael Brennan, Lad.4 Peter Brennan, Res.4 Cpt. Daniel Brethel, Lad.24 (D) Cpt. Patrick Brown, Lad.3 Andrew Brunn, Lad.5 (D) Cpt. Vincent Brunton, Lad.105 F.M. Ronald Bucca Greg Buck, Eng.201 Cpt. William Burke Jr., Eng.21 A.C. Donald Burns, Cmd. Ctr. John Burnside, Lad.20 Thomas Butler, Sqd.1 Patrick Byrne, Lad.101

George Cain, Lad.7 Salvatore Calabro, Lad.101 Cpt. Frank Callahan, Lad.35 Michael Cammarata, Lad.11 Brian Cannizzaro, Lad.101 Dennis Carey, Hmc.1 Michael Carlo, Eng.230 Michael Carroll, Lad.3 Peter Carroll, Sqd.1 (D) Thomas Casoria, Eng.22 Michael Cawley, Lad.136 Vernon Cherry, Lad.118 Nicholas Chiofalo, Eng.235 John Chipura, Eng.219 Michael Clarke, Lad.2 Steven Coakley, Eng.217 Tarel Coleman, Sqd.252 John Collins, Lad.25 Robert Cordice, Sqd.1 Ruben Correa, Eng.74 James Coyle, Lad.3 Robert Crawford, Safety Lt. John Crisci, H.M. B.C. Dennis Cross, Bat.57 (D) Thomas Cullen III, Sqd. 41 Robert Curatolo, Lad.16 (D)

Lt. Edward D'Atri, Sqd.1 Michael D'Auria, Eng.40 Scott Davidson, Lad.118 Edward Day, Lad.11 B.C. Thomas DeAngelis, Bat. 8 Manuel Delvalle, Eng.5 Martin DeMeo, H.M. 1 David DeRubbio, Eng.226 Lt. Andrew Desperito, Eng.1 (D) B.C. Dennis Devlin, Bat.9 Gerard Dewan, Lad.3 George DiPasquale, Lad.2 Lt. Kevin Donnelly, Lad.3 Lt. Kevin Dowdell, Res.4 B.C. Raymond Downey, Soc. Gerard Duffy, Lad.21

Cpt. Martin Egan, Jr., Div.15 (D) Michael Elferis, Eng.22 Francis Esposito, Eng.235 Lt. Michael Esposito, Sqd.1 Robert Evans, Eng.33

B.C. John Fanning, H.O. Cpt. Thomas Farino, Eng.26 Terrence Farrell, Res.4 Cpt. Joseph Farrelly, Div.1 Dep. Comm. William Feehan, (D) Lee Fehling, Eng.235 Alan Feinberg, Bat.9 Michael Fiore, Res.5 Lt. John Fischer, Lad.20 Andre Fletcher, Res.5 John Florio, Eng.214 Lt. Michael Fodor, Lad.21 Thomas Foley, Res.3 David Fontana, Sqd.1 Robert Foti, Lad.7 Andrew Fredericks, Sqd.18 Lt. Peter Freund, Eng.55

Thomas Gambino Jr., Res.3 Chief of Dept. Peter Ganci, Jr. (D) Lt. Charles Garbarini, Bat.9 Thomas Gardner, Hmc.1 Matthew Garvey, Sqd.1 Bruce Gary, Eng.40 Gary Geidel, Res.1 B.C. Edward Geraghty, Bat.9 Dennis Germain, Lad.2 Lt. Vincent Giammona, Lad.5 James Giberson, Lad.35 Ronnie Gies, Sqd.288 Paul Gill, Eng.54 Lt. John Ginley, Eng.40 Jeffrey Giordano, Lad.3 John Giordano, Hmc.1 Keith Glascoe, Lad.21 James Gray, Lad.20 B.C. Joseph Grzelak, Bat.48 Jose Guadalupe, Eng.54 Lt. Geoffrey Guja, Bat.43 Lt. Joseph Gullickson, Lad.101

David Halderman, Sqd.18 Lt. Vincent Halloran, Lad.8 Robert Hamilton, Sqd.41 Sean Hanley, Lad.20 (D) Thomas Hannafin, Lad.5 Dana Hannon, Eng.26 Daniel Harlin, Lad.2 Lt. Harvey Harrell, Res.5 Lt. Stephen Harrell, Bat.7 Cpt. Thomas Haskell, Jr., Div.15 Timothy Haskell, Sqd.18 (D) Cpt. Terence Hatton, Res.1 Michael Haub, Lad.4 Lt. Michael Healey, Sqd.41 John Hefferman, Lad.11 Ronnie Henderson, Eng.279 Joseph Henry, Lad.21 William Henry, Res.1 (D) Thomas Hetzel, Lad.13 Cpt. Brian Hickey, Res.4 Lt. Timothy Higgins, S.O.C. Jonathan Hohmann, Hmc.1 Thomas Holohan, Eng.6 Joseph Hunter, Sqd.288 Cpt. Walter Hynes, Lad.13 (D)

Jonathan Ielpi, Sqd.288 Cpt. Frederick Ill Jr., Lad.2

William Johnston, Eng.6 Andrew Jordan, Lad.132 Karl Joseph, Eng.207 Lt. Anthony Jovic, Bat.47 Angel Juarbe Jr., Lad.12 Mychal Judge, Chaplain (D)

Vincent Kane, Eng.22 B.C. Charles Kasper, S.O.C. Paul Keating, Lad.5 Richard Kelly Jr., Lad.11 Thomas R. Kelly, Lad.15 Thomas W. Kelly, Lad.105 Thomas Kennedy, Lad.101 Lt. Ronald Kerwin, Sqd.288 Michael Kiefer, Lad.132 Robert King Jr., Eng.33 Scott Kopytko, Lad.15 William Krukowski, Lad.21 Kenneth Kumpel, Lad.25 Thomas Kuveikis, Sqd.252

David LaForge, Lad.20 William Lake, Res.2 Robert Lane, Eng.55 Peter Langone, Sqd.252 Scott Larsen, Lad.15 Lt. Joseph Leavey, Lad.15 Neil Leavy, Eng.217 Daniel Libretti, Res.2 Carlos Lillo, Paramedic Robert Linnane, Lad.20 Michael Lynch, Eng.40 Michael Lynch, Lad.4 Michael Lyons, Sqd.41 Patrick Lyons, Sqd.252

Joseph Maffeo, Lad.101 William Mahoney, Res 4 Joseph Maloney, Lad.3 (D) B.C. Joseph Marchbanks Jr, Bat.12 Lt. Charles Margiotta, Bat.22 Kenneth Marino, Res.1 John Marshall, Eng.23 Lt. Peter Martin, Res.2 Lt. Paul Martini, Eng.23 Joseph Mascali, T.S.U. 2 Keithroy Maynard, Eng.33 Brian McAleese, Eng.226 John McAvoy, Lad.3 Thomas McCann, Bat.8 Lt. William McGinn, Sqd.18 B.C. William McGovern, Bat.2 (D) Dennis McHugh, Lad.13 Robert McMahon, Lad.20 Robert McPadden, Eng.23 Terence McShane, Lad.101 Timothy McSweeney, Lad.3 Martin McWilliams, Eng.22 (D) Raymond Meisenheimer, Res.3 Charles Mendez, Lad.7 Steve Mercado, Eng.40 Douglas Miller, Res.5 Henry Miller Jr, Lad.105 Robert Minara, Lad.25 Thomas Mingione, Lad.132 Lt. Paul Mitchell, Bat.1 Capt. Louis Modafferi, Res.5 Lt. Dennis Mojica, Res.1 (D) Manuel Mojica, Sqd.18 (D) Carl Molinaro, Lad.2 Michael Montesi, Res.1 Capt. Thomas Moody, Div.1 B.C. John Moran, Bat.49 Vincent Morello, Lad.35 Christopher Mozzillo, Eng.55 Richard Muldowney Jr, Lad.07 Michael Mullan, Lad.12 Dennis Mulligan, Lad.2 Lt. Raymond Murphy, Lad.16

Lt. Robert Nagel, Eng.58 John Napolitano, Res.2 Peter Nelson, Res.4 Gerard Nevins, Res.1

Dennis O'Berg, Lad.105 Lt. Daniel O'Callaghan, Lad.4 Douglas Oelschlager, Lad.15 Joseph Ogren, Lad.3 Lt. Thomas O'Hagan, Bat.4 Samuel Oitice, Lad.4 Patrick O'Keefe, Res.1 Capt. William O'Keefe, Div.15 (D) Eric Olsen, Lad.15 Jeffery Olsen, Eng.10 Steven Olson, Lad.3 Kevin O'Rourke, Res.2 Michael Otten, Lad.35

Jeffery Palazzo, Res.5 B.C. Orio Palmer, Bat.7 Frank Palombo, Lad.105 Paul Pansini, Eng.10 B.C. John Paolillo, Bat.11 James Pappageorge, Eng.23 Robert Parro, Eng.8 Durrell Pearsall, Res.4 Lt. Glenn Perry, Bat.12 Lt. Philip Petti, Bat.7 Lt. Kevin Pfeifer, Eng. 33 Lt. Kenneth Phelan, Bat.32 Christopher Pickford, Eng.201 Shawn Powell, Eng.207 Vincent Princiotta, Lad.7 Kevin Prior, Sqd.252 B.C. Richard Prunty, Bat.2 (D)

Lincoln Quappe, Res.2 Lt. Michael Quilty, Lad.11 Ricardo Quinn, Paramedic

Leonard Ragaglia, Eng.54 Michael Ragusa, Eng.279 Edward Rall, Res.2 Adam Rand, Sqd.288 Donald Regan, Res.3 Lt. Robert Regan, Lad.118 Christian Regenhard, Lad.131 Kevin Reilly, Eng.207 Lt. Vernon Richard, Lad.7 James Riches, Eng.4 Joseph Rivelli, Lad.25 Michael Roberts, Eng.214 Michael E. Roberts, Lad.35 Anthony Rodriguez, Eng.279 Matthew Rogan, Lad.11 Nicholas Rossomando, Res.5 Paul Ruback, Lad.25 Stephen Russell, Eng.55 Lt. Michael Russo, S.O.C. B.C. Matthew Ryan, Bat.1

Thomas Sabella, Lad.13 Christopher Santora, Eng.54 John Santore, Lad.5 (D) Gregory Saucedo, Lad.5 Dennis Scauso, H.M. 1 John Schardt, Eng.201 B.C. Fred Scheffold, Bat.12 Thomas Schoales, Eng.4 Gerard Schrang, Res.3 (D) Gregory Sikorsky, Sqd.41 Stephen Si
ller, Sqd.1 Stanley Smagala Jr, Eng.226 Kevin Smith, H.M. 1 Leon Smith Jr, Lad 118 Robert Spear Jr, Eng.26 Joseph Spor, Res.3 B.C. Lawrence Stack, Bat.50 Cpt. Timothy Stackpole, Div.11 (D) Gregory Stajk, Lad.13 Jeffery Stark, Eng.230 Benjamin Suarez, Lad.21 Daniel Suhr, Eng.216 (D) Lt. Christopher Sullivan, Lad.111 Brian Sweeney, Res.1

Sean Tallon, Lad.10 Allan Tarasiewicz, Res.5 Paul Tegtmeier, Eng.4 John Tierney, Lad.9 John Tipping II, Lad.4 Hector Tirado Jr, Eng.23

Richard Vanhine, Sqd.41 Peter Vega, Lad.118 Lawrence Veling, Eng.235 John Vigiano II, Lad.132 Sergio Villanueva, Lad.132 Lawrence Virgilio, Sqd.18 (D)

Lt. Robert Wallace, Eng.205 Jeffery Walz, Lad. 9 Lt. Michael Warchola, Lad.5 (D) Capt. Patrick Waters, S.O.C. Kenneth Watson, Eng.214 Michael Weinberg, Eng.1 (D) David Weiss, Res.1 Timothy Welty, Sqd.288 Eugene Whelan, Eng.230 Edward White, Eng.230 Mark Whitford, Eng.23 Lt. Glenn Wilkinson, Eng.238 (D) B.C. John Williamson, Bat.6 (D) Capt. David Wooley, Lad.4

Raymond York, Eng.285 (D)


Sumo Deadlift High-pulls

12 x 2


20 intervals of:

Run 10 seconds on, rest 5 seconds.

Go all out!


Craig working on back squats! Who's shoes are those in the background?

This recipe came from Sarah G. Thanks Sarah! I added some turkey meatballs for an Italian themed protein!

 Fried Eggplant and Spaghetti Squash

1 spaghetti squash
1 eggplant
3 eggs
3/4 cup almond flour (I order mine in bulk online)
1/2 tsp salt
1/2 jar of spaghetti sauce (no sugar added)
small handful of basil (another prolific item in my CSA share)
lots of coconut oil for frying
1. Bake squash on a baking tray for about 1 hour at 350.  Rotate halfway through cooking time.  I line my tray with foil for easier clean up.
2. Thinly slice eggplant.
3. Heat oil in skillet.  Break eggs into one dish and scramble.  Put flour and salt in a separate dish and combine.
4. Coat each slice of eggplant in the egg, then the flour mixture.  Place in hot oil and fry until golden brown on each side.  Put aside on paper towels to cool.
5. Remove squash from oven, cut in half and remove seeds.  Scrape insides of squash out. 
6.  Serve with spaghetti sauce over the squash and add basil for garnish.  I don't put the sauce over the eggplant so that it stays crispy.

Turkey Meatballs

1 to 2 lbs ground lean turkey

1/4 cup of almond meal

1 tbsp oregano

1 tbsp basil

1 tsp garlic

5 green onions, chopped

1/2 sweet yellow onion, chopped

Mix all the ingredients in a bowl. Form meatballs placing them on a foil-lined broiler pan. If you Zone, grab your scale and make each meatball 1.5 oz (1 block each). Once the squash is done, place the meatballs in the oven for 20 minutes.



Floor press and kettlebell press



21 – 15 – 9

Thrusters, 95#/65#


Compare to 100413. Post time to comments.


Kelley D says a 350# tire ain't nothin!

By now we would bet most of you have heard about the work we're doing to move into the back space. Many of you have seen it and we can all agree that it would be perfect for us. We'll keep you posted as we move forward with the plans. One thing that always comes with a change such as this is a little bit of reluctance. We feel it, maybe you do to. What will this mean for Evolve? The coaches have talked at great lengths as to what the best thing for the athletes is. We want to give you everything you deserve, and everything you want. As you see on a daily basis, our small space feels even smaller with even a partially full WOD. When weight goes overhead it becomes sporty to say the least. Luckily, the majority of you enjoy moving outside to throw down. But as the 6 am class can tell you, the sun is rising later and fall is on the way. After that, you know what's coming, and half the class outside, though always an option, may not be so appealing. We feel like a larger space will give us more flexibility with the programing, and will be better for you as athletes.

With that said, we know many of you feel as we do that what's been created is special. We don't want to loose that. The type programming won't dramatically change. The vibe from the coaches won't change. The quality won't change. We will not cram 20 people into WODs (it's not about being big, it's about being awesome!). We don't expect you to change (and let's face it, the greatness of this place is you athletes and your attitude). So we're asking you to comment, either right here right now, or to us personally. What else do you want to stay same? What can we do to keep the feel that you've come to love? Is this a good move? A bad move? We value your input because this is your box. Tell us your thoughts – let's light up the comment section today!


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