“Old MacDonald”

Complete 5 rounds for time of:

100m Farmers Carry, 55#/35# (KBs or DBs)

30 Ab-mat Sit-ups

100 Foot Walking Lunge (no weight)

Chris ready for takeoff!

Why Worry?

Daily Mindset from CompTrain…

“Worry is a misuse of imagination”

-Dan Zadra

Our imaginations are powerful forces. As kids, we use our imaginations to go all sorts of places, and do many different things. When our imagination turns to focus on poor outcomes, or less favorable things however, it brings concern – it brings worry. It is a misuse of our imagination that can being great stress and pain, without anything actually happening. It’s a true “”human”” error, which we can all admit to.
Where we do want to spend our time, is preparation. But preparation and worry can have a close relationship, where there are implications.

When the US Navy SEALs flew a helicopter into a compound on the mission that ultimately led to the successful elimination of Osama Bin Laden, catastrophe occurred. One of the helicopters crashed on landing, and was rendered unusable. Without hesitation, the SEALs adapted to the situation, and planned for a seamless extract on other helicopters. They had prepared for this actuality. What they did not do however, is spend any additional thought worrying that it may happen.

It’s wise to look at all possible outcomes, and weigh probabilities at each. It’s good to plan. But never good, to worry.


In 15:00 work up to a heavy rep of:

1 Pausing Overhead Squat

From the racks. Pause is 3 seconds at the bottom. Partners will count the 3 second pause for their buddies.


“Double Jointed”

Complete as many rounds as possible in 16:00 of:

15 Overhead Squats, 95#/65#

30 Double-Unders

15 Deadlifts, 95#/65#

30 Double-unders

Katie is down with some high rep deadlifts today!

The Evolve Holiday Party!

Save the date! The CrossFit Evolve Holiday Party will be on Saturday December 21st from 5pm to 9pm! The last few years we stopped trying to cram everyone into various venues around town and started getting a food truck and throwing it down in the gym, and it’s been awesome. We’ll continue with that tradition this year. All the details are still being worked out, but you pretty much know the important stuff, so put it on your calendar and get ready to have a fun evening!


“Sea Horse V.2”

Complete 3 rounds for time of:

Row 1000m

Run 400m

20 Burpees

45:00 Time Cap…Firm.

2 heats, 6:00 stagger.


Today’s Flow.

From all the barbell work yesterday to all the long, slow conditioning today. You guys are getting all of the things this week! Today we’re going to be running 2 heats, the second will start 6:00 after the first. On these long conditioning pieces, we will see a vast difference in finishing times today. That’s to be expected. But what this means is that when you finish your 20 burpees, the rower you started on might be occupied. No problem, just jump on another one! The 6:00 stagger will probably prevent this from happening, but just in case we want to put that out there because sometimes you guys don’t think that’s an acceptable move. It is. This workout will have people coming and going the entire duration so get on whatever rower you want and get to work on that next 1000m!


“Macho Man Complex”

In 15:00 work up to a heavy set of:

3 Power Cleans + 3 Front Squats + 3 Push Jerks

In the complex piece, the 9 reps need to be completed without dropping the bar or pausing on the floor.


“Randy Savage”

Complete as many rounds as possible in 12:00 of:

3 Rounds of “Macho Man Complex”, 135#/95#

15 Toes-to-Bar

Unlike the strength piece, for the conditioning piece you can break up the Macho Man Complex however you want.

Your prize has arrived!

Attention Project Uplift Team Members!

If you were on a Project Uplift Team this is for you….

As you know we had the most teams of any gym…way to go Evolve! Our prize for the most teams was a bunch of meat from Elevation Beef and it has arrived. There is a cooler in the gym. Each team member needs to grab one (1) package of ground beef OR one (1) summer sausage plus a beef stick (in the white box next to the cooler). The trade off of having the most teams is we have to divide the meet among a ton of people!

We can only keep the beef at the gym for a few days because it’s frozen. Soooo, you need to pick up your winnings Monday or Tuesday. After that, it’s going home with the coaches!

Strong work you guys, you earned the beef!

Rest Day!

“Your life is like a story. You’re writing it. And you don’t know how long the story is. You don’t know how many chapters you’re gonna get. So I would say go ahead and fill ’em up.”

– Jocko Willink

Get out there today!

Saturday Teamwork!

“4th Down”

In teams of 2 complete:

AMRAP 8:00:

21/15 Cal Row

21 Kettlebell Swings, 55#/35#

21 Thrusters, 75#/55#

Rest 4:00

AMRAP 8:00:

15/10 Cal Row

15 Kettlebell Swings, 55#/35#

15 Thrusters, 95#/65#

Rest 4:00

AMRAP 8:00:

9/6 Cal Row

9 Kettlebell Swings, 55#/35#

9 Thrusters, 115#/85#

You go, I go…


Jim and Michael showing us that a good partner on team workouts is priceless!



In 15:00 work up to a heavy set of:

1 Hang Power Clean + 1 Power Clean

Pause is 3 seconds at the bottom. Partners will count the 3 second pause for their buddies.


“Power Bar”

Complete as many rounds as possible in 12:00 of:

9 Hang Power Cleans, 135#/95#

12 Push-ups

15 Deadlifts, 135#/95#

JT earned his barbell reps with burpees!

The Complex!

Today’s strength is a short and sweet weightlifting complex. When you see that “+” between the lifts it means that we’ll be stringing together two (or more) lifts to make a complex. If you’ve never done this before, it’s a great way to improve your weightlifting technique. For today you have a hang power clean followed by a power clean. The complex is designed to be a touch and go for the second lift, the power clean. That means you have to hang on to the bar following that first hang power clean. We know that seeing complexes written like above can sometimes feel confusing and even a little intimidating. Don’t let them do that to you! Get in here and let’s get better at those barbell movements!


“Climbing Annie”

Complete for time:

10 – 20 – 30 – 40 – 50


Ab Mat Sit-ups

After each set perform rope climbs (1 – 2- 3 – 4 – 5)

See below for the flow!

Saturday Friends + Sunny Day = Extra Ab Work Outside

Today’s Flow.

To be clear on the flow of today’s workout, here it is set by set:

10 DUs

10 Sit-ups

1 Rope Climb

20 DUs

20 Sit-ups

2 Rope Climbs

30 DUs

30 Sit-ups

3 Rope Climbs….Etc

OK, so there it is all written out so there’s now way you can be confused. Right? Plus you’ll have us there to keep you headed in the right direction. Today is a great day to reinforce that rope climbing technique. Be sure to bring a long sock to keep that leg rope-burn free!


In 15:00 work up to a heavy set of:

1 Pausing Back Squat + 1 Back Squat

Pause is 3 seconds at the bottom. Partners will count the 3 second pause for their buddies.


“Step Aerobics”

Complete 3 rounds for time of:

30 Ball Slams, 40#/30#

20/14 Cal Bike/Row

10 Single Dumbbell Box Step Ups, 50#/35# and 24″/20″ (10 step-ups each leg, 20 total per round)

Find a way.

Stoke Your Motivation!

Everyone goes through ebbs and flows of motivation to train. It happens to us all. Sometimes we’re on point, ready to go every single day, our consistency is great, and we feel like we crush it every time we step into the gym. Other times we feel like we’re in a rut, it’s a struggle just to walk through the door, and it feels like we catch a beat down every single workout. This is normal. A little time regularly hitting the gym and you’ll experience it. Train for long enough and it will happen many times over the years.

Here’s the thing: like anything else, the times that don’t feel like everything is great will pass. The question is that when you experience it, will you quit, or will you push through? That’s the great differentiator. When you look at the people who have trained for years and years and you wonder how they got there, know that they just kept at it through the highs and the lows. Their perseverance kept them going. Be the person who keeps going. And if you need a little motivation, don’t hesitate to grab a white board and leave yourself a little note!


“Piggy Back”

Complete 12 rounds for time of:

12 Alternating Dumbbell Snatches, 50#/35#

12 Lateral Burpees Over Dumbbell

12 x 10 meter Shuttle Sprint

You go, I go, 6 rounds per person.

Lex getting it done.

Partner Workouts During The Week.

We know it seems weird to have partner workouts outside of the regular Saturday WOD thing. There are a lot of good things partner workouts give us, like teamwork, camaraderie, and that little extra push knowing the team is counting on you. But it also gives us something more intentional: work|rest cycles. For example, today you have a work to rest ratio of 1:1. So you’ll do a round, and then your partner will do a round. This will give you a rest period pretty close to the time it took you to complete your round, then you’ll rinse and repeat. 

You hear us talk often about how built in rest means we go hard during our work cycle. That built in rest can look similar to a workout we did last week with a 5 minute AMRAP followed by a 5 minute rest, or it can be structured like today. 

So now you know a little bit about why we see these partner workouts during the week. Come in for the teamwork and camaraderie, leave with the fitness!


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