“Crazy Stairs”

Complete for time:

10 Rounds of “Cindy”

50/35 Calorie Row

30 Power Snatches, 115#/85#

1 Round of “Cindy”:
5 Pull-ups
10 Push-ups
15 Air Squats

4:00 stagger to pull this one off with the rowers.

Andy going overhead one-arm style!

Pintathalon…Last Chance!

Saturday is the day. Come be a part of this dope event! We’re really excited to introduce a bunch of folks to what we do at Evolve, and for our athletes to try some other workout styles. And then do yoga. Then drink beer. What could be better?

Here’s the deal:

When: August 24th 4-7 pm

Where: Parking lot in front of Yoga Pod

Who: Anyone who loves fitness, FoCo and beer! Must be 21+

Cost: $55

Register Here and let’s have some fun on Saturday!


“Team Tosh Sprints”

In teams of 2 complete 3 rounds for time of:

Run 200m

Run 400m

Run 600m

You go, I go style.

Today we run!

Why Sprint?

If you followed the CrossFit Games this year you’ve no doubt heard the spirited discussion on how a major athlete cut occurred as a result of a sprint workout. Many in the CrossFit world felt that this was unfair and that the cuts should have been made based on a max lift because many fan favorites didn’t perform as well as others in this specialized event and were out of the competition.

I’m going to side with those who thought it was awesome to make the cuts after the sprint. It’s the CrossFit Games. Of course you need to be able to lift heavy. That’s a given. But for many competitors, this may have exposed a hole in their game. Paying attention to years past, there has been a sprint-like event in almost every games. The athletes all knew this, but it’s possible that some didn’t prioritize this as part of their training.

No, we are not CrossFit Games athletes. But we are following the CrossFit methodology for our training because we know it works, and works amazingly well. Below is the CrossFit Theoretical Hierarchy of Athlete Development. This is how we build a CrossFit athlete, Games Competitor or everyday person just trying to be fit AF. Notice the base is Nutrition. That is for another post, but that should tell you something! Next is Metabolic Conditioning. Metcons. AMRAPs, rounds for time. SPRINTS! Today’s workout. Notice weightlifting is closer to the top. It’s more specialized.

Today we’re building our base. Working on our ability to perform well in all sorts of metcons will support our gymnastics and yes, our strength work. Don’t forgo today’s sprints because they are not as sexy as lifting heavy. You need them both in your life!


“Frank the Tank”

Compete as many rounds as possible in 5:00 of:

Buy-In: 50 Wallballs, 20#/14#

12 Deadlifts, 185#/135#

12 Lateral Barbell Burpees

Rest 5 Minutes

Compete as many rounds as possible in 5:00 of:

Buy-In: 35 Wallballs, 20#/14#

9 Deadlifts, 225#/155#

9 Lateral Barbell Burpees

Rest 5 Minutes

Compete as many rounds as possible in 5:00 of:

Buy-In: 20 Wallballs, 20#/14#

6 Deadlifts, 275#/185#

6 Lateral Barbell Burpees

See below for details!

Look at Jaime using all of that fresh floor space. Be like Jaime, spread out and give yourself some breathing room!


The “Buy-In” may be a new term for some of you. What it means is that you have to accomplish a specific amount of work before actually starting the scored part of the workout. It’s like buying in to a hand of poker…you got to pay to play! Now of course, the buy-in is part of the workout, but it doesn’t count toward your score.

Today each 5:00 AMRAP includes a buy-in of wallballs. For the first 5:00 AMRAP, you will do 50 wallballs to start. With the remaining time you’ll complete as many rounds as possible of 12 deadlifts and 12 lateral barbell burpees. Your score for that AMRAP will be how many rounds + reps you get of the deads/burpees. The wall ball buy-in doesn’t count toward your score.

At the end of the workout you’ll have a score for each 5:00 AMRAP which we’ll combine to give one big score for the board. How do you maximize your score? Crush the buy-in each round!


“30 Rock”

Compete as many rounds as possible in 20:00 of:

30 Kettlebell Swings, 55#/35#

30 Push Presses, 95#/65#

21/15 Cal Bike/Row

30 Toes-to-Bar

Chad getting gymnasty!

Last Call….Pintathalon!

Here’s your reminder to get signed up for the Pintathalon! Our good friends at YogaPod, Title Boxing, Cylcebar, and Hop Grenade have all teamed up to bring a really cool fitness event to our community. We’re going to get to show yogis, indoor cyclists, and boxers what we do at CrossFit Evolve and they’re going to share their stuff with us! Here are the details:

When: August 24th 4-7 pm

Where: Parking lot in front of Yoga Pod

Who: Anyone who loves fitness, FoCo and beer! Must be 21+

Cost: $55

Yoga Pod Fort Collins is excited to present the very first Fort Collins Pintathalon! We have teamed up with CycleBar, Title Boxing, Crossfit Evolve and Hop Grenade to bring you this one of a kind, exciting, end of Summer bash. What’s a Pintathalon you ask? Well, it’s all of the physical and mental challenges you crave in true FoCo style, with beer! Participants will experience a 20 minute version of a cycle class, boxing class, and crossfit workout with beer tasters in between each heat. All participants will finish with a quick run to the East lawn to join together for a calming, restorative class taught by one of Yoga Pod’s amazing teachers. You can stay after for more beer, food, and community by dining at one of the great Foothills restaurants. Each athlete will receive an awesome goodie bag with a one of a kind Pintathalon Pint glass and gifts from our sponsors.

Are you up for the challenge?

We’re working hard to build community and collaborate with the other fitness businesses in Midtown Fort Collins. We know this will be a rad event, we hope you’ll join us. Tickets will sell out so if you’re interested pull the trigger! We hope to see you there!


Back Squat

5 – 5 – 5

15:00 to build and get 3 heavy sets. Your choice to add weight each set or stick with the same weight for all 3 sets. 


“Dirty Water”

Complete for time:

100 Double-unders

Run 800m

60/45 Cal Row

We’ll stagger start to accommodate rowers today.

School supplies coming at ya!

Got Pencils?

We have a lot of teachers in the CrossFit Evolve community and we appreciate the work that they do to shape the future generations! You know that it takes a special person to teach children. But did you know that our teachers spend HUNDREDS of their own dollars each year to provide supplies that their students need to be successful in the classroom? That’s crazy, right? But they do it because they care so much and want to give their kids the best learning environment possible, so they do what they have to do to make it happen. 

Well we want to help them out! Please consider picking up a few school supplies the next time you’re at the store and throw them in the bin. All of the items will be divided among the CrossFit Evolve teachers so they can use them in their classes. Items include pencils, glue sticks, scissors, colored pencils, markers, etc. Let’s band together and give them some of what they need!

Rest Day!

This is no time for ease and comfort. It is time to dare and endure.

– Winston Churchill

Enjoy your day, we’ll see you tomorrow!

Saturday WOD!

“Chips Ahoy”

In Teams of 2 Complete for Time:

60 Chest to Bar Pull-ups

400 Meter Run

30 Overhead Squats, 135#/95#

800 Meter Run

30 Overhead Squats, 135#/95#

400 Meter Run

60 Chest to Bar Pull-Ups

*run as a team*
*break up reps as needed*

Full House Saturdays are the best. Grab your bestie and let’s go!



Compete as many rounds as possible in 16:00 of:

30 Dumbbell Hang Clean and Jerks, 50#/35#

25/18 Cal Row/Bike

20 Lateral Barbell Burpees

15 Deadlifts, 245#/165#

Coach Lo getting her conditioning in…on the Devil’s Bike!

Bike or Row?

On days like today where an option is given to bike or row cals, which do you choose? Do you mix it up? Do you favor one or the other? Do you favor that one because it’s easier? Or because it’s harder? Both the bike and the rower are extremely effective. You already know this. But they also impact you a little differently.

One of our goals for the gym is to continue to beef up our bike supply which will allow us to say this workout is bike, and that workout is row. But until that time arrives, for some workouts we are going to continue to give a choice of bike or row. Not all workouts, but on some. So now the question is, which will you choose?

Our recommendation is to mix it up. Don’t default to one or the other. If last time you jumped on the rower, this time jump on the bike. Although both are valuable as part of your training, they are both different and we want you to experience the joy of both! So today, choose the one you haven’t done in a while and get after it!


“Wreck Train”

Every 10:00 for 3 rounds complete:

200m Run

15 Toes-to-Bar

Weighted 200m Run, 55#/35#

15 Wall Balls, 20#/14# Kettlebell

200m Run

See below!

Ben in a post-workout recovery position….sometimes you just gotta take a knee for a second!


Every 10:00 for 3 rounds implies that the work above will be completed with time to spare in each 10 minute window. We’re looking for the above work to be completed in 5 to 7 minutes, leaving 3-5 minutes of rest before starting the next round at the 10:00 mark. This built in rest allows you to recover a bit before starting the next round, which then allows you to go harder than if it were set up like an AMRAP where you just keep going and going until the time is up. 

Be purposeful during your rest today. Keep moving and don’t collapse on the floor. Settle down your breathing and focus on deep, slow breaths to drop your heart rate. Being able to do this through your nose is an added benefit. Grab a little bit of water and be ready to go for the next one. 

These interval style workouts with rest periods can really help our performance. We can maximize this impact by doing more than lying down!


In 12:00 work up to a heavy:

3 Position Power Clean

Positions are pockets, 1″ above knees (hang), and floor.



Complete as many rounds as possible in 15:00 of:

60 Double-unders

30/24 Cal Row

15 Power Cleans, 115#/85#

We’ll stagger heats by 3:00 today to accommodate rowers.

“What do you mean you only do singles?”

Today It’s Dubs For All!

I coached the afternoon sessions on Thursday for the workout “Hip Hop” which as you might recall had 150 double-unders in it. I told these peeps that they had to at least TRY to get double-unders each round. Anyone who was planning to scale to singles had to at least TRY 5 DU attempts before going to singles. And those 5 attempts didn’t count to their single under total. ALMOST everyone listened and did it.

Why did I do this? Because the only way to get better at double-unders is to work on them. Yes we have to start at singles to dial in the jump and perfect the wrist driven rotation of the rope, but shoot man, you just gotta give it a shot. It’s easy to just do singles every time. It’s comfortable. But we aren’t looking for comfortable. We’re looking for progress and usually you have to hurt a little bit for progress. Even if that hurt is your ego, or the back of your leg from a speed rope whipping it!

Guess what happened during the afternoon classes? A bunch of people either got their first double-under, got their first double-under in a workout, got a PR for linked double-unders, or cleaned up their form, for example getting rid of the the little jump between reps – I’m talking about you Bailey!!! 

Would have never happened if they didn’t try. So here’s your challenge today….try some dubs each round. We’ll give you some suggestions so that you get some attempts but don’t get stuck there for 15 minutes. If you’re a Super Single Under-er, today you’re going to get uncomfortable with some double-under practice. We do this ’cause we love you!


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