We can tell you whatever we want about what it’s like to train at CrossFit Evolve, but the only way for you to truly know is to try it for yourself! We believe so strongly that you’ll love your experience that we want you to come try a workout on us!


This one hour session is designed for someone without any or with limited CrossFit experience. It’s a great way to experience how CrossFit Evolve programs workouts and show off our inclusive training community and coaching staff. During the hour we’ll:

Discuss the CrossFit methodology and talk about how we do things at CrossFit Evolve

Perform a dynamic and workout-specific warm-up

Provide instruction on the movements to be performed during the workout and practice them 

Perform a beginner-friendly workout under the watchful eye and instruction of a CrossFit Evolve Coach. The workout will be scaled to your ability, allowing you to have a great workout while ensuring that you’re safe.

We know that it can be scary starting a new fitness program or walking into a new gym . We make sure that this is a great first workout for our visitors and that they get to experience everything that’s amazing about our gym and our community!

If you have CrossFit experience and want to try out Evolve, feel free to drop into any of our workouts. You’ll get to throw down and see what CrossFit Evolve is all about!


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