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LeighAnn! What Is Your Level Of Buy In? Do you have buy in, in your life? In your goals? In your relationships? In what you are doing at the gym? This was the CompTrain Mindset for Tuesday and talks about exactly that. Give it a read and think about what you do in your own […]

 Bryan getting those calories! All The Deadlifts Today! In today’s workout there are a lot of deadlift reps so lets set you guys up for success! This video, CrossFit put out, goes over all the points of performance and how to properly do a Deadlift. Give it a watch and put those cues to use […]

Perks of being at the 6 AM class! Did You PR Your Fran Time?!? Friday we got to do “Fran”, and A LOT of you got a PR which is so awesome to see! If you were one of those athletes, congrats to you! Even if it was by 1 second, that is improvement and […]

Get some stretching in today like these ladies!

Team Susan, Rae-Rae, and Sarah!

The in-between class time hangout! Benchmark Workout, Fran! We GET to test the benchmark workout “Fran” today, who is excited?!? You all should be! Benchmarks are fun because they are just that, a benchmark. You get to see where you were and where you are now. Maybe last time you did “Fran”, you scaled the weight. […]

Jake! Getting That Interval Work In! You guys have been doing a lot of interval work lately so you should know how to approach workouts like today’s. You will have 4:00 to complete the three movements, ideally done within 3:00 so you have at least one minute of rest. The score will be the slowest […]

Row, Row, Row your boat! CompTrain Daily Mindset For Wednesday. This was too good not to post. How you look at things can change your attitude towards them. We are all so lucky to wake up and be alive another day so use that time to appreciate the normalcies in life. Change how you react […]

 Ryan G doing what Ryan G does best! Repeat Workout! Today we are repeating “Swole Cycle”. You will be doing a Tabata (:20 of work and :10 of rest) of those four movements. Since you are working for 20 seconds on and 10 seconds off, keep the intensity high for the entire 20 seconds, knowing […]

 When your legs don’t work after going ham on the bike! CompTrain Daily Mindset For Monday. In today’s Daily Mindset ask yourself some questions. Are we taking the time and making the effort to practice? To slow down and make each attempt worthwhile? To be ok with not being at the top of the leader board […]


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