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Go into it with a plan! What’s Your Plan? Raise your hand if you go into each workout with a plan on how you’re going to attack it. Is your hand up? It should be! We are big advocates of having a plan for every workout. Factoring in your individual strengths and weaknesses and weighing […]

Be like Becca and come row today! You Need To Sleep More. We all do. This is a fact. I recently read Mathew Walker’s book Why We Sleep and was completely blown away about all the research has revealed on the importance of sleep. Below is a piece of an article by Phil White posted […]

Dillon’s ready to hit some power snatches and overhead squats today, are you?! CompTrain Mindset! Enjoy a little Mindset Monday from CompTrain: “I define anxiety as experiencing failure in advance.” – Seth Godin It’s not abnormal to feel the nerves before something big. We have a several thousand year-old survival mechanism that wants to protect […]

There’s a lot of growth that comes from getting your teeth kicked in.


Bright side, no sandbag? Today we Run…Inside! We were supposed to run outside today. I was so excited. I love when we run outside in the winter. We already know we’re bad asses but especially so when running 100s in the snow. We really tried to make it happen. Thanks to Tom Sawyer Construction, Incorporated much […]

Sunshine and lifting the weights!! Rope Climb Technique! Todays is your day to get all the way to the top of the rope! You’ve heard us talk about the different types fo rope climbing technique in class. Below is a short video from RX Smart Gear sharing the variations and pros and cons. If you’re […]

Rob getting after those deads! Who I’ve Always Been. If you haven’t seen it yet, below is a trailer for the recently released movie by No Bull titled “Who I’ve Always Been.” This is a pretty great look at the journeys of Tia Toomey, Brooke Wells, and Katrin Davidsdottir on their way to the pinnacle of […]

Yeah Andy! December Athlete of the Month…Andy!! Your December Athlete of the Month is Andy! Andy was one of the first people to come in and try the Free Beginner Workout on Monday Nights when we started it almost a year ago. Somehow he found his way into Evolve and he’s stuck around ever since! […]

Only a small portion of the Evolve crew at the TC! Turkey Challenge Recap! It’s been a week since the 10th Turkey Challenge wrapped up! I meant to do a write up about it sooner but last week’s weather and holiday schedule took priority so here it is a few days late. As always, this […]


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