This year the CrossFit Open will be March 11 through March 29 and we’re going to throw it down at Evolve! There are some changes to the Open this year to make it even more accessible to everyone. First of all, get yourself registered at the CrossFit Open Page and be sure to select CrossFit Evolve as your Affiliate and as your Team. If you pull the trigger and register your name will be added to the worldwide leaderboard and you’ll be entering your scores each week.

As in years past, the daily workout on Fridays will be that week’s Open Workout so you’re going to be doing the workout anyway…you might as well sign up and be a part of the biggest CrossFit competition in the world! Each week there will be an RX option, Scaled option, as well as teen and masters options to make the workout accessible to all abilities. This is a true community event where we cheer for each other, judge each other’s workout, and celebrate each other’s accomplishments. After the last year we need that community feel more than ever and this is just the thing!

For those of you who have been with us through other Opens, you know how we have done it in the past with events and workout reveal get-togethers. Unfortunately the current state of affairs will prevent us from those big group events but we have some stuff up our sleeves to make the most of this year’s Open. We’ll put out more info as we get closer. Here are a few more things to note:

Friday Coached WODs. Running heats of the open is always a challenge. On Fridays, the coached workouts will have a loser schedule because of the unknown time domain of the workouts and running heats. We’ll still ask everyone to sign up for the workout in Zen Planner but know that start times of the workout will sometimes have to be pushed a little later, especially for the second heats of the hour.

Judging. If you’re signed up for the Open you’ll need a judge for each workout. During class times the coach will organize judging. If you choose to do the Open workout outside of regular coach-led classes you’ll need to find a judge to join you. If you’re not registered for the Open but are doing the workout on Friday as usual, no judge is needed.

Scores. Submitting scores can be a challenge for some folks every year. We’ll send out plenty of reminders, but you need to enter your score on the Games Website before that week’s deadline. We always recommend entering your score before you leave the gym so you don’t forget or lose your scoresheet!

We’ll put out more info and details as we get closer but this should get you started. Head over to the registration page, get signed up, and be a part of this awesome event!

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