Resilience (re-sil-ience): The ability to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness.The last 6 months have been hard. Hard for everyone. Things aren’t the way they used to be. Our routines have been disrupted. From work, to spending time with family and friends, going out to restaurants, our ability to train in the gym the way we want. And now our kids not being able to go to school. To say this has been difficult would be an understatement. For many of our community this time has been a deal breaker when it comes to their fitness. The shutdown broke the routine. Momentum was lost and there will be no coming back. For some, the changes to how the gym operates was the end. Understandable. Not an ideal situation. Not ideal for any of us. Then the new “wear a mask when you workout” mandate. Another string of goodbyes. We get it. It sucks.

Then there’s those who with every change that took things further and further away from what we all know and love, how we train, and away from the used to be, you said “fuck it”, kept you head down, and kept going. Routine disrupted? New routine. Masks during metcons? You took it outside. Or told yourself wearing it will somehow make you even fitter. Regardless, you didn’t let what’s going on take away what you need to do. You are in control. You are the definition of resilience. When things get back closer to normal, we will look back at this and realize that this was a test for us. Just like generations upon generations before us have had their tests, this is ours. At the end, you’re going to be proud of how you kept going and kept doing what you needed to do for yourself regardless of the obstacles that tried to make you stop. You didn’t lose any ground, and in fact you gained a lot not only physically but mentally. You’ll be proud of your resilience. Keep going. 

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