3,000m Bike
2,000m Row
100 Double-unders
50 Toes-to-Bar

Throwback to good times!

Long Chipper.

Today’s workout is a longer chipper style workout. You will start by accumulating 3000 meters on the bike, then move onto 2000 meters on the rower, then to 100 double unders, and finishing with 50 toes to bar. A big goal for today will be to stay focused for the long efforts on the bike and rower. During these long efforts, give yourself something to focus on weather that is your wattage on the bike or pace on the rower. Focus on those numbers instead of letting your mind wonder. The last two movements will be easier to get through with manageable sets. This workout should take 18-25 minutes so change what you need to in order to achieve this. Come in today and work on that motor!

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