In 12:00 work up to a heavy:

3 Position Power Clean

Positions are pockets, 1″ above knees (hang), and floor.



Complete as many rounds as possible in 15:00 of:

60 Double-unders

30/24 Cal Row

15 Power Cleans, 115#/85#

We’ll stagger heats by 3:00 today to accommodate rowers.

“What do you mean you only do singles?”

Today It’s Dubs For All!

I coached the afternoon sessions on Thursday for the workout “Hip Hop” which as you might recall had 150 double-unders in it. I told these peeps that they had to at least TRY to get double-unders each round. Anyone who was planning to scale to singles had to at least TRY 5 DU attempts before going to singles. And those 5 attempts didn’t count to their single under total. ALMOST everyone listened and did it.

Why did I do this? Because the only way to get better at double-unders is to work on them. Yes we have to start at singles to dial in the jump and perfect the wrist driven rotation of the rope, but shoot man, you just gotta give it a shot. It’s easy to just do singles every time. It’s comfortable. But we aren’t looking for comfortable. We’re looking for progress and usually you have to hurt a little bit for progress. Even if that hurt is your ego, or the back of your leg from a speed rope whipping it!

Guess what happened during the afternoon classes? A bunch of people either got their first double-under, got their first double-under in a workout, got a PR for linked double-unders, or cleaned up their form, for example getting rid of the the little jump between reps – I’m talking about you Bailey!!! 

Would have never happened if they didn’t try. So here’s your challenge today….try some dubs each round. We’ll give you some suggestions so that you get some attempts but don’t get stuck there for 15 minutes. If you’re a Super Single Under-er, today you’re going to get uncomfortable with some double-under practice. We do this ’cause we love you!

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