Compete as many rounds as possible in 16:00 of:

30 Dumbbell Hang Clean and Jerks, 50#/35#

25/18 Cal Row/Bike

20 Lateral Barbell Burpees

15 Deadlifts, 245#/165#

Coach Lo getting her conditioning in…on the Devil’s Bike!

Bike or Row?

On days like today where an option is given to bike or row cals, which do you choose? Do you mix it up? Do you favor one or the other? Do you favor that one because it’s easier? Or because it’s harder? Both the bike and the rower are extremely effective. You already know this. But they also impact you a little differently.

One of our goals for the gym is to continue to beef up our bike supply which will allow us to say this workout is bike, and that workout is row. But until that time arrives, for some workouts we are going to continue to give a choice of bike or row. Not all workouts, but on some. So now the question is, which will you choose?

Our recommendation is to mix it up. Don’t default to one or the other. If last time you jumped on the rower, this time jump on the bike.¬†Although both are valuable as part of your training, they are both different and we want you to experience the joy of both! So today, choose the one you haven’t done in a while and get after it!

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