Back Squat

20 reps @ the load you got 12 of last week.

This will be a challenge. That’s OK, you’re up for it. Take your time. If you need to pause at the top, do it. If you need to shake out your legs, do it. Do whatever you have to. Just make 20 reps.


Complete for time:

30 Push-ups

Row 25 cal

1:00 rest


Tinker getting those overhead squats in!

The hoodie order is in, and they look awesome!! They’ll be at the gym available for pick-up on Monday morning!

We’ve had some issues in the past when pick-up goes on. Here’s a couple things to help make it smooth:

 – Each hoodie is wrapped and tagged with your name and size that you ordered.

- They are organized by men’s cut, women’s cut, zippered, and pull-overs. See the sign on the box to find where yours is.

- If you are a lady and ordered a men’s cut, yours is in the men’s cut box.

- If the hoodie does not have your name on it, it is not yours. Don’t take it!

- If you did not order a hoodie, there won’t be one in the box for you. It’s because you didn’t order one! We may have extras after we make sure everyone got what they wanted. Check with Jon.

- If you get yours and you decide you don’t like the size/style, don’t put it back and switch it with someone else’s. Get with Jon about any issues and we’ll see if we can take care of it.

- Please be respectful of other people’s hoodies. If you have to dig through the box to find yours, please be careful with the others and put them back in the box where you found them, not on the floor!

We hope you dig ‘em!!!

Rest Day!

Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will.
- Mahatma Gandhi


Friends who mobilize together stay together!


Saturday Teamwork!


A bunch of your friends are throwing down at the Turkey Challenge today. Let’s try one of the WODs the teams are doing!

In teams of 4 complete as many reps as possible in 14:00 of:

Row (cal)

Alternating Pistols (sub squats of you don’t have pistols)

15m Shuttle Run, 25# plate/15# plate

Kettlebell swing, 70#/55#

Team members can alternate in any order to any movement as often as they like. However, only one person can be at a movement at a time.

Catch it!




Agility Ladder Work

Think fast feet are important? Well we do. Today the coaches are going to present you with some new agility ladder drills to help improve speed, coordination, accuracy….and agility!



Complete for time:

6 – 5 – 4 – 3 – 2 – 1


Bent-over Row

Power Clean

Front Squat

Push Press

Good Morning

Back Squat

Rest 50 seconds between rounds.

Today you get to choose the load. Think about the push press and the transition to the back squat as the movements to determine the load. You’ll have time to practice and get an idea for where things should be!


Light weight.

A good luck shout-out to all our folks throwing down at the MBS CrossFit Turkey Challenge over the weekend. We have folks competing on teams, individuals competing, and one judge ready to show off her “no rep” skills. This is our favorite comp of the year so the excitement level is high! If you’ve never been to a comp before, consider checking it out if you have nothing better to do than to drive to Broomfield and watch people exercise! Good luck guys, represent!!!




Work up to a 3RM



Complete 10 rounds for time of:

10 Toes-to-bar

10 SuperEvolvers

Starting at 3-2-1…Go and at the top of each minute, do 10 air squats. Once done, you’ll pick up where you left off.


Squatting is good for the soul. Especially when it’s 3 wheels. Ask A.O., he’ll tell ya!

Ever think about what to do with your head during the jerk? We have to get it out of the way, right? If we don’t either the bar hits us in the bottom of the chin or the bar is pushed forward. If the bar goes forward, as that weight gets heavy, the chances of it ending up where we want it – in a stacked position aligned with our shoulders, and hips – dramatically goes down. There are basically 2 ways to get your head out of the way. One is to bring the head back and chin slightly down. The other is to bring the head back and the chin up. Check out the video below by Chad Vaughn talking about bringing the head back and chin up. Try it out today and see what you think!!


Wrist Push-up Progression and Frog Stand Position

Today we’ll introduce some new gymnastics skills to you. Be excited!



Complete for time:

50 Wall balls, 20#/14#

30 Standing Front Rack Lunges, 155#/105#

15 Muscle-ups


Herbie will tell you, the bright side is at least today’s lunges aren’t overhead lunges!

Hey guys, Adam of the 6am crew asked us to pass along the following event on Thursday night. RamStrength is a wonderful organization here in Fort Collins and Tim Rickett was a fixture in the local gym scene for a long time. Check out the info from Adam:

I am on the Board of Directors for RamStrength and have a huge passion for supporting cancer survivors in our local community.  RamStrength offers financial support for local cancer survivors, CSU scholarships for survivors, and children’s camps for young survivors. I will be out of the country during the event, but thought it may be fun and inspirational for the Evolve crew.
The event is a tapping party for Tim’s Power Lift Porter, in memory of Tim Rickett.  Tim was a member of the RamStrength board, a big part of the Fort Collins fitness community, and a survivor for 11 years.  He is a huge inspiration as he set a master’s world record bench press of 308 pounds while in the middle of chemotherapy treatment.  He won the USA nationals with a bench press of 451 3/4 in 1997 before he was diagnosed.
Tickets are $25.  Zwei Bruder will be hosting for a toast, appetizers, and beer on November 20th from 5:30 to 8:30.  Tapps will provide the food to go along with this bourbon barrel aged weizenbock brew.  Tickets are available at Zwei Bruder, Tapps, Fort Collins Club, and Campus West Liquor Depot.


Deadlift Speed Pulls

6 x 1 @ 50% 1RM

Deadlift Top Pulls

2 x 3 @ 85% 1RM



Complete as many rounds as possible in 12:00 of:

80′ Shuttle Sprint

7 Deficit Handstand Push-ups, 45#+10# to abmat/45# to abmat

Don’t worry, the shuttle sprints will be inside!!

Cyndi rocking the overhead!

Hey, it’s a new round of programming with some new lifts, rep schemes, percentages, all to target some specific goals. Today we’re going to work the deadlift from a couple different approaches. For the speed pull, this is the same concept as our dynamic effort day when we’re using the Westside Conjugate Method in a strength cycle. The focus is on speed with perfect form. Today you’re at 50% your 1RM. There is no excuse for form not being perfect! We’re concerned with the speed from the floor, to the top. Not floor-to-top-to-floor. Give yourself a pause at the top to ensure you’ve opened all the way up.

For the top pulls, the bars will start in the rack around the top of the thigh. You’ll pick the bar up and step back. From there, you’ll lower the bar to the knees, then open back up. The focus here is driving the hips back…think of how good mornings feel. Below is a video showing what it will look like. When watching the video, keep in mind that 700# was on that bar. Your bar will have 85% of your 1RM. I wish it was, but your 85% will not be 700#. Keep that form legit. Also, in the video the bar went to mid-shin. For today, we’re just looking to go to the top of the knees. This will be new for 99% of you…enjoy it!



Back Squat

Work up to a challenging 12 rep set.


Flight Simulator

Complete for time:

10 – 20 – 30 – 40 – 50 – 40 – 30 – 20 – 10


Compare to: 2/11/14, 7/6/12

These guys!

Your Evolve friends had a big weekend in Denver at the Barbells for Boobs Rhinos and Unicorns comp! We fielded 2 and a half teams for this comp and it went well….very well! We had one team finish 2nd, a mixed team made up of Evolve and CrossFit Eaton folks finished 3rd, and the other Evolve team finished tied at 5th. Pretty fantastic considering there were over 40 teams made up of fantastic competitors.

Great job guys, as always you represented us well!

Rest Day!

Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.
- T.S. Eliot


Bill getting his strict work in!


Saturday Teamwork!


14 of your Evolve friends are competing in the Rhinos and Unicorns today. Might as well do a couple of events from the comp this morning, don’t ya think?!

1. In teams of 3 guys or 3 girls complete the following for time:

50 Overhead Squats, 95#/65#

50 Front Squats, 145#/95#

50 Back Squats, 195#/125#

You can swap out as much as you like, it’s 50 total reps per team of 3. Teammates may act as human racks for the back squats.

Rest 10:00

2. The Conga Line Variation

Keeping your teams of 3 complete for total reps:

1:00 Rope Climbs

1:00 Burpees

1:00 Box jump-overs, 24″/20″

1:00 Sit-ups

1:00 Row (cal)

The first minute the first team member goes and hits the rope climb for 1:00. After that minute team member 1 moves to the burpees, then team member 2 starts the rope climb, and they work for the next minute, and so on. Score for each team of 3 is total reps completed.

As this flows, we can have several teams start at once and work their way through the 5 minutes of work. We’ll go until each person gets to work through the Conga line!

Friends helping friends. Ain’t team work great?!

Good luck to the 2 Evolve teams of 6 and the 2 Evolve peeps on a mixed team at the Rhinos and Unicorns Comp down in Denver today. Represent!!!