Saturday Teamwork!


In Teams of 2 complete the following against a running clock:

In 7:00 Establish a 2RM Front Squat

In 5:00 Max reps of box jump-overs, 24″/20″

In 3:00 Max reps of kettlebell thrusters, 55#/35#

In 5:00 Max double-unders

In 7:00 Establish a max shoulder-to-overhead

Inspired by this CrossFit Invictus WOD, you’ll work in teams of 2. Only 1 person can work at a time. One of you will have to record the weight/reps for each movement.


Forging Elite Awesomeness like it’s your job!




Deadlift Speed Pulls

6 x 1 @ 40% 1RM


1 x 2 @ 90% 1RM


In a team of 2 complete the following for 18:00:

P1: 30 Kettlebell Snatches, 55#/35#

P2: Row

Once the KB snatches are complete, P1 and P2 will switch. Score is total meters rowed.

Rhett getting in some extra mobility work. Have you gotten any in this week?

February 26th. Write it down. That’s the day the CrossFit Open starts!! What an exciting time at Evolve. Open workout announcement parties, doing your WODs with a judge counting reps and rounds for you, leaderboarding (which is a verb), folks contacting us to ask us to come in at 5am on a Saturday because they want to do that week’s open WOD for the 5th time to try and get 2 more reps….yes, it’s a great time of year!

Fair warning, there’s going to be plenty of posts over the next few months trying to convince you to sign up because of how much fun it is, and what a great community event it is for us. But we won’t start that quite yet. For now, check out the 2015 CrossFit Games Information. One big thing that will impact you guys is that this year there will be an RX and scaled division. You can read the details, but this is a great change that will allow folks of all abilities the opportunity to be a part of the Open. It’s going to be a great year!


Wrist Push-up Progression and the Parallette Straddle Tuck

More gymnasty fun!



Complete as many rounds as possible in 4:00 of:

12 Thrusters, 100#/65#

12 Chest-to-bar pull-ups

Rest 4:00

Complete as many rounds as possible in 2:00 of:

9 Thrusters, 100#/65#

9 Chest-to-bar pull-ups

Be thankful for the friends who put weights on your back during planks!

This quote is from Games athlete Dani Horan. I find myself needing to keep this in mind. I bet some of you do too. Let’s try to make it happen today during the WOD!

“We all get to that point during a WOD when we find ourselves resting. When you must rest, stand tall, count to five and get back to the WOD. You don’t need water, you don’t need to rearrange the collars or plates on the bar, you don’t need more chalk, just go. Always stand tall, that position of having your hands on your knees, bent over and looking at the ground is weak. Both physically and mentally. Stand tall.”


Bent Over Row

Use the 5RM you established on 11/26 for today’s percentages. Take 3 to 4 sets to work up in load, then complete:

1 x 5 @ 95%

1 x 5 @ 90%

After that 95%, drop the load and perform another set of 5. Since you’re dropping weight for the last set, make sure form is perfect.


Complete 3 rounds for time of:

30 Plate Sit-ups, 45#/25#

20 Burpees-to-plate, 45#/25#

10 Strict Press, 45#/25#

For the burpees-to-plate, the burpee ends with a jump onto the plate. Hips must open just like a box jump before jumping or stepping off.


Who loves Saturdays??

Some of you may have heard of Shane Dorian. He’s a pro big wave surfer and he uses CrossFit as a part of his training regimen. Check out the video below, it’s pretty cool. You’ll hear him talk about how CrossFit gives him confidence to surf big waves. What has it given you the confidence to do?!?!



The Agility Ladder

Dot drills. Agility ladders. You will be ready for the combine!



CrossFit Open WOD 14.1: Complete as many rounds as possible in 10:00 of:

30 Double-unders

15 Snatches, 75#/55#

Compare to 2/28/14.


The holidays are great because some of our peeps come home to visit their family. Hez is back in the house!!

Snatches today. Every think about arm rotation and what it should look like during the start and the finish of the snatch? If you said yes then you are a nerd. But that’s OK, so are we! Here’s a sweet little write-up from Catalyst Athletics on arm rotation during the snatch. Check it out!

Training Tip: Internal/External Arm Rotation

I saw a very enthusiastic post on a certain social media site the other day regarding the orientation of the arms in the snatch. Much time in this post was spent arguing about the internal rotation of the arms in the pull of the snatch because internal rotation overhead was bad for the shoulders.

Remember that the orientation of the arms during the pull has nothing to do with the orientation in the overhead position. You don’t have to sacrifice one for the sake of the other.

In the pull (right from the start), we want the arms internally rotated – that is, the bony points of the elbows turned to point to the sides. This allows us to pull the elbows up and out, which helps accelerate us under the bar while maintaining proximity. Overhead, we want the points of the elbows oriented about halfway between straight down and straight back. If you’re not clear how this is possible, just do some light muscle snatches with the proper positions in the start and finish and you’ll be reassured.


Back Squat

20 reps @ the load you used for 20 last week + 5#

Yes it will hard. Yes you can do it.


Complete for time:

10 – 9 – 8 – 7 – 6 – 5 – 4 – 3 – 2 – 1

Handstand Push-ups

Complete 1 legless rope climb between each set of HSPUs


The Loewenkamp kids podiumed for putting up with their parents dragging them to an oly meet for the day!

Your Evolve friends did great at the Alpine Weightlifting Meet on Saturday and some even brought home some hardware! A lot of time was spent by these guys getting ready for this meet and we’re really proud of them all. Way to go you guys!!

Stine: 1st Place, 75kg Women

Charlie: 3rd Place, 105+kg Men (Charlie also hit a lifetime PR for both the snatch and C&J during the meet!)

Erik: 2nd Place, 105kg Men


Rest Day!

The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination.

- Albert Einstein


Jerry on the swings!!


Saturday Teamwork!


In Teams of 3 complete 5 rounds of the following for time:

Run 200m

25 Deadlifts, 225#/155#

25 Bar-over burpees

25 Ball slams, 40#/30#

25 Overhead standing lunges, 45#/25#

Pretty straight forward. Except that for each movement, two team members will go at the same time and they will have to synchronize for each movement. For example, P1 and P2 will start on deadlifts with P3 resting. Each team will have 2 bars. They will face each other and coordinate their reps. Once they hit 25 (yes, 25 each because they are synchronized), they move to the burpees. If P1 stops to rest, P2 must stop as well. P3 can jump in and replace whoever whenever. You can switch folks whenever you want, as often as you want.

For the run each round, all 3 team members must run it together.


Working as a team if fun, and not something that all CrossFitters take advantage of. Come in today and try it out!!




Dot Drills

Fast feet practice.



Complete 5 rounds of the following complex NOT for time:

3 Power Cleans + 3 Hang Cleans + 3 Jerk + 3 Back Squats

The goal is to work up to as heavy a weight as possible. The earlier sets should start light, and you will add weight with the goal of seeing how heavy you can get. The power cleans are touch-and-go. After that, the bar should not touch the ground again until the back squats are complete. Rest 3-5 minutes between rounds.

Anja making the double-unders look easy!

On Saturday some of your Evolve friends will be lifting in the Alpine CrossFit Holiday Weightlifting Meet. This is a laid back, fun, non-sanctioned meet where CrossFitters who love (or just kind of like) the snatch and clean and jerk get together and see how big of a total they can record. Any of you who have been to the various open gym times during the last several weeks have seen some of our folks working hard to dial in their lifts, and no doubt they’re going to be ready.

The cool thing about weightlifting is that it really isn’t you against the other lifters in your weight class. It’s just you against the barbell. There’s is nothing quite like stepping out on that platform, just you and a heavy ass barbell….and of course there’s the entire room of people watching you to see if you’ll make your lift. If that doesn’t sound like fun, I don’t know what does! The bright side is that since this is a non-sanctioned meet, there’s not a requirement to wear a really tight singlet so the only judging going on is related to lifting the weight cleanly!

On Saturday send some good vibes to the Evolve crew that their lifts are fast and precise and the weights feel lighter than they ever have!!


Wrist Push-up Progression and the Parallette Tuck

The wrists are getting supple! Now we test them on the parallettes!



Complete for time:

10 x 100m row

For this, you guys will partner up. While P1 rows P2 rests. Switch after each 100m so both partners each row 10 times. Short row + rest = go hard. Score will be the total time for both team members to complete their 10 rows, including the transitions. Winners for the day will have mad bragging rights.

Addy working the spinning pull-up bar at the Turkey Challenge!

Below is a cool story from Tabata Times about a woman’s body image and how it’s been impacted by CrossFit. Noelle Elliot is the author and she has a blog called BowChicaBowMom. We know that we often don’t focus on the lady’s point of view on our blog. That’s probably because the person writing it is a dude. But that’s besides the point. This is pretty much a completely foreign topic for us boys at your gym, so it was really cool to hear Noelle share her experience. We also thought it might strike a chord with some of you too, so here you go. Enjoy!

Women’s Only: Does CrossFit Help or Hurt a Woman’s Body Image?

When I started CrossFit I was damaged, although I didn’t realize to what extent. As a young girl, the first person who taught me how to feel about my body was my mom. I watched her as she got ready. How she cursed her belly. Even when she didn’t speak, her inner dialogue about her body was plastered on her expression.

My mom was a dancer. The amount of physical strain she put her body through on a daily basis makes a typical WOD look like a warm up. By the time I was born she had retired her dancing career. Yet she continued to abuse her body — only now it was psychological.

I watched as she glared in the mirror. How she starved herself, over exercised and ultimately hated the way she looked. It was no surprise that my older sister had an eating disorder so severe it required hospitalization. What it taught me as a little girl was that my body would never be good enough, despite my efforts. When I was nine I went on my first diet.

My mom never intentionally put pressure on me. She never told me I was heavy or thin. But I knew that thin was ideal, and I wasn’t it. I have muscle. It was what made me excel in soccer, tennis and track. But no matter how many games, matches, and meets I won, I felt that my body had turned against me.

Television didn’t help my image of women, either. The popular actresses were thin. In college I started a pattern just as my mom had: I did cardio for hours upon hours and was never satisfied with my results. I was destined to hate my body no matter what it looked like.

After college, I got married and had four children within seven years. A career that put me behind a desk only made my activity level plummet. I’m sure you are thinking that this is the part of the story that I say I gained a ton of weight. But I didn’t. I continued to work out and remained in relatively good shape, but I still loathed what I saw in the mirror.

When my youngest son was two, I was desperately looking for something to change my body, and I stumbled upon CrossFit. I saw muscular women being celebrated for what their body could do, not what it looked like. However, they did look amazing and were not necessarily thin. It confused even me. It gave me hope — that maybe I could look like that, too.

Within a year my body changed. I gained weight but lost inches. This caused major panic. Despite feeling great, I thought about quitting several times simply due to the fact that I had gained weight. I almost gave up something I really enjoyed, because of a number that nobody sees but me.

Say what you want about CrossFit, but the friendships I established there were a monumental turning point towards creating a positive body image. And the friendships are what kept me going back. After the second year, my body has noticeably changed. I have curves in places I didn’t know I could have curves. I have definition and muscle. When I look in the mirror, I admire what I see because it is a testament to hard work.

As uncomfortable as it is to say it, I have things that I actually like about my body. I have been told I have an amazing butt, and I humbly agree. I have abs. But more importantly, I have a fresh ideal of beauty.