Complete as many rounds as possible in 25:00 of:

15 Chest-to-Bar Pull-ups

30 Sit-ups

15 Hang Power Snatch, 115#/75#

30 Pike Leg Raises Over the Bar

15 Hang Power Clean, 115#/75#

30 Double-unders

Jerry getting his work in!

Do The Pike Leg Raises Right.

Today is a long one. Are you ready? One of the movements is the “Seated Pike Leg Raise.” We’ve seen these in the past but they aren’t a standard movement. Below is a video of the pike leg raise over a KB. Today it will be over the end of the bar, but the concept is the same. When we did these in a WOD last, we noticed some things that need to be tightened up:

Legs not straight.

Torso bent forward/midline not maintained.

Trying to go so fast that the feet were bounced off the floor on each rep.

Not keeping the feet together. 

There were other faults, but these were the big ones. Here’s the deal. You have to slow down the reps to do it right. Yes we know this is an AMRAP and the clock is ticking. But we also know that in order to get maximum benefit these need to be done properly. Just like every other movement we do. So don’t let the clock set you in. Take your time and keep things legit. Your ridiculously strong mid-line will thank you later!



Back Squat Single


Complete for time:

15 – 12 – 9 – 6 – 3


Weighted Push-up, 45#/25#

Handstand Push-up

Lots of pushing today!

That set-up!!

Shout Out To Double-A-Ron!

On Saturday while everyone was getting ready for the Evolve Holiday Party Aaron was in the midst of a stealth mission. He snuck down the the Alpine CrossFit Holiday Weightlifting Meet. And he lifted weights. Aaron has been working hard on his weightlifting for a long time during open gym, and you’ll even see him jump into a WOD to get some conditioning too. We’re proud of him for going down there and putting himself out there. There is nothing like putting on a skin tight singled and stepping out onto the platform to perform the snatch and clean and jerk with everyone watching you. You either love it or hate it, but either way you’re really taking all of the work that’s been put in over a long period of time and making come down to 3 attempts at each lift. Many of the Evolve crew have lifted in a meet and all would agree that to say you’re putting yourself out there is an understatement.

So well done Aaron, we’re proud of you my man!!



Complete 10 rounds for time of:

8 Alternating Kettlebell Snatch, 70#/55#

Shuttle Sprint (32′ out, 32′ back)


That right there is Elina and Jill (who is Yasi and Jorge’s sister-in-law). They met each other, and minutes later played in a doubles tennis tournament in the 7.0 USDA Women’s Ranking Group. They won. They CrossFit. Hmmmm. Way to go ladies!!

Lift Something Heavy and Sprint!

It doesn’t have to be fancy to be effective. We try to be a creative as possible without being ridiculous when writing our workouts, but the reality is that lifting a heavy object a bunch of times with some red-line sprints in between in a potent combination. Today we abandon everything but the basics. 

Heavy kettlebell snatches and shuttle sprints. The numbers are low on the snatches for each round – 4 with each arm – so you should be able to keep it together. The sprints for this workout are the variable. If you jog them, you’ll get what you get. If you get after them, you’ll get what you need. It comes down to your choice, but our vote is to really push the sprints today. Run hard and run fast. Don’t just worry about the KB snatch. In today’s couplet, the sprint is where you’ll make you money!



Front Squat Single

Yep it’s back. Please see below for a write-up!


With a partner complete for time:

25 – 20 – 15 – 10 – 5

Russian Kettlebell Swing, 70#/55#

Deadlift Hold, 225#/155#

P1 Holds the top of the deadlift, P2 does 25 Russian KBS. P2 holds the bar, P1 does 25 Russian KBS. This continues until both complete the set of 5. Both partners have to have steel in their hands to do work. 


Thank you to everyone who came out on Saturday night, it was a great time!!

WTF is Squatzzi?

Yep, it’s another round of Squatzzi. Josh wrote up the first squatzzi cycle back in the fall of 2015 and it was a big success. We’re going to roll with it for another 6 week cycle starting today.

Here are the details for you to know: This is going to be a short squat session performed AFTER the WOD on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. The focus of these squat sessions is on the effort of the lifts, so it is a true max effort not max load. Some days are going to be light depending on the WOD, the week of programming, and how you’re feeling.

We will be alternating between front squat and back squat each session. Again, the squatting days will me Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and the warm-up and WOD for that day will leave us around 15:00 at the end of each hour to get this done. Here’s how it will look so you have a heads-up to how it will flow:

Week 1: Work up to a heavy Single

Week 2: Work up to a heavy Double

Week 3: Work up to a heavy Triple

Week 4: Work up to a heavy Single

Week 5: Work up to a heavy Double

Week 6: Work up to a heavy Triple

Week 7: Re-test 1RM

Here are some of the rules to Squatzzi:

You have to make the same jumps in weight every set.

Jumps have to be substantial in order to minimize volume. Think 20-50 pound increments.

Should take no more than 15:00

Do not fail. You should be 90% certain you can make the lift. If need be have a spotter but do NOT fail.

Here’s an example:

On Monday after the WOD you will get a couple of minutes to catch your breath and coaches will write down WOD scores. Then in a 15:00 window you will work up to a heavy single back squat. A couple of “warm-up” reps can be taken at light weight but remember you just got done WODing so you should be ready to go for the most part. You need to make 20-50# jumps in the sets, i.e. 135, 165, 195, 225, 255, 285, 315, 345.

Once the weight gets to a point that you feel you’re done, then you’re done. One week you may get heavier than the previous, maybe you’ll stop at a lower weight. It’s not about the weight. It’s about the effort. If you’ve never done a squatzzi cycle with us, this will be different than anything you’ve ever done. Embrace it and grow!


Rest Day!

The purpose of training is to tighten up the slack, toughen the body, and polish the spirit.

– Morihei Ueshiba

Face Off!

Saturday Teamwork!

In teams of 3 complete with a running clock:


Row Max Cals


Establish a 2RM Front Squat


Complete as many rounds as possible of:

25 Pull-ups

25 Back Rack Lunges, 95#/65#

25 Kettlebell Swings, 70#/55#

25 Shoulder-to-Overhead, 95#/65#


Row Max Cals

For the AMRAP one person works at a time, switch however.

Remember when it was warm out and we did Saturday WODs outside? Me too.




This will be done post-WOD.



Complete for time of:

21 – 15 – 9

Deadlifts, 225#/155#

Handstand Push-ups

Compare to: 8/3/16, 5/2/16, 01/06/16, 5/6/15, 1/7/14, 3/4/14, 6/12/13, 2/4/13, 10/29/12, 8/27/12, 3/26/12, 2/2/12

Anja swears that the lighter the pants color, the better the double-unders. I now have a drawer full of white capris.

What Will You Do To PR Today?

This is the last month of the year and over the next few weeks you will see some benchmark WODs. This year we had the same benchmarks in the program every 3-4 months. You will have seen each of them several times in 2016. Our goal, and hopefully yours, was to see a steady improvement in all of them. That means going a little faster, getting closer to RX with the weight and/or movements, becoming more technically sound at the movements, or a combination of those. How have you done?

Today you get to go for a new PR in Diane. If you typically use a weight less than RX, you might try going a little heavier today while fighting very hard to manage that load with solid technique. You might decide that today is the day to take a weight plate out from under that ab-mat, which will get you deeper into that HSPU. Will it take you longer? Probably. Are you getting stronger from the effort? Yes.

If you do the workout RX and have for some time, there becomes a point where it seems impossible to even shave another second off that personal best. You have to change the game plan because simply going faster isn’t going to cut it. You already have done that. If you break up the deadlifts, consider a different rep scheme than you have before. If you go unbroken on the deadlifts, today try focussing on keeping that bar super close to your body on the way up AND on the way down. You might find a second or two. For the HSPUs, if you always kip them try to do your first 5 to 10 strict. It’s harder, but it’s also faster, and then you can slide into the kip to finish off the set. Maybe another second or 2 is hiding there. If you break them up, just like the deadlift, try a rep scheme you haven’t before. Try setting up with your hands wider, or narrower, than you usually do. You never know what you might find. 

Today you have an opportunity to do something you never have before. You have a chance to set a new personal record. 99 percent of the people you know will go through today without that chance, which is too bad because there’s some good stuff that lies on the other side of this kind of thing. So, what will you do to PR Diane today?


Complete for time:

10 Toes-to-Bar

30 Kettlebell Swings, 55#/35#

10 Toes-to-Bar

40 Kettlebell Thruster, 55#/35#

10 Toes-to-Bar

50 Box Jump, 24″/20″

10 Toes-to-Bar

60 Kettlebell Lunge, 55#/35#

Kelly is ready for today’s T2B chipper!

Get Comfortable With Uncomfortable Today!

“What I love about CrossFit is that the lessons you learn and the truths you uncover through chasing fitness are universally applicable to life. I was lucky to take the “fast track” to learning many of these lessons during my 5 years of competing, but they are repeatedly experienced in boxes and garages across the world every single day. This is one of my favorites: get comfortable with the uncomfortable, because this space outside your comfort zone is truly where the magic happens.”

– Julie Foucher


In teams of 2 complete as many rounds as possible in 30:00 of:

Row 20 cal (pacer)

10 Burpees

20 Ball Slams, 40#/30#

While on partner rows, the other will work through the burpees and ball slams. Once P1 finishes the 20 cals, they swap and P2 picks up where P1 left off. The swap will continue every 20 cals. Score is total rounds complete.

Dave and KV living the “teamwork makes the dream work”.

Orders Due on Friday!

Did you order your hoodie yet? You’ve got until Friday to get it done. Why are we harping on this so hard? Because every year we get not one, not two, but several people who come to us after the hoodies come in and ask if they “can I buy one” or “how do I get one” or “I didn’t even know we were ordering them”. That makes us sad. So we want to make sure everyone is in the know, and then we can have a clear conscience when we say “sorry but there are no hoodies for you.”

We won’t be stocking these in the merch locker so the only option is to pre-order it! Be sure to fill out the order form and lock it in, they’ll be here by Christmas!!!


Complete for load:

Power Clean

5 x 3

1 Jerk Drive + 1 Jerk

5 sets of the complex

Squat Clean

5 x 1

Add weight as needed!

Lucas going overhead!

Weightlifting Day!

Similar to last Tuesday, today is a weightlifting focus day. Don’t underestimate the importance of these sessions. The oly lifts – the snatch and clean & jerk – are two of the most difficult and technical things we do with a barbell. If your only exposure to them is when they pop up in the middle of a workout that includes a bunch of other movements, and the only time you set up on the bar is when your heart rate is pegged and your main thought is to get through it as quickly as possible, you’re going to limit your progress. And likely increase your frustration.

It’s important to trust that we program these days specifically to get you better at CrossFit. Many start CrossFit because of the metcons, the WODs with several movements performed at high intensity that leave you gasping for air. And we agree, that is one of the greatest parts of what we do. But it’s not all we do. If we programmed that way day in and day out, you would never get even close to your potential.

But you need to trust in the program and come in, even on days where you’re not sure you’d rather lift than do a 20 minute chipper. “Cherry picking” – only coming to WODs that have things you like to do, is a common CrossFit phenomenon and we’re not immune to it. Last Tuesday was a very light day in the gym, which is often the case with lifting-only sessions like this. But guess what? Several of the folks who did come in and got some time and coaching on the technical aspects of the lifts walked away with snatch PRs. They also got better that day, which is the ultimate goal right? To become a little bit better, a little bit stronger, a little bit fitter, every day? Yep it is. So we’ll see you in there!