This will go down post-WOD….You’ll have earned it!



Complete for time:

21 – 15 – 9

Clean, 135#/95#

Ring Dip

Compare to: 1/12/16, 1/8/14, 6/18/13, 1/3/12, 6/18/12, 8/29/12

Yes, you get to squat those cleans!

Ali going big overhead!!

How To Scale the Ring Dip!

Another tough gymnastics movement for many…today the ring dip! There’s no way around it, strength is a pre-requisite to complete a ton of ring dips. So what to do if you don’t have them yet? You have to select an option that increases strength as it relates to the movement. This, in addition to the pressing, pulling, midline, and all the other things we do, will get you there. Today select the option that is hard, but will still let you complete the reps. There’s nothing that says you can’t start with a more difficult progression then switch to a different one if needed. Check out the video below for some thoughts on how to approach today, and talk with your coaches for some ideas…that’s why we’re there!!

Rest Day!

Friendship is one mind in two bodies.

– Mencius

It’s good to have friends, both in the gym and out!!


Saturday Teamwork!

In Teams of 3 complete the following against a running clock:

In 8:00 Establish a 2RM Overhead Squat

In 6:00 Max Reps of Box Jump-Overs, 24″/20″

In 4:00 Max Reps of Plate Burpees, 45#/25#

In 6:00 Max Double-Unders

In 8:00 Establish a Max Shoulder-to-Overhead

One person works at a time, alternate as needed.

Last Saturday! There’s not much better than a full Saturday WOD!



Another chance at getting flexy.



Complete as many rounds as possible in 15:00 of:


12 Ball Slams, 40#/30#

4 Strict Handstand Push-ups

25 Double-unders

Stefani with a hard earned post WOD smile!

How To Scale the Handstand Push-up

If you have strict HSPUs down, congrats and sorry! Congrats because this is a challenging movement for many and the fact that you are able to do them RX is the result of a lot of work on your part. Well done! Sorry because this post isn’t for you. It may have been for you back when you were getting started, but not anymore! For those of you still working on HSPUs, understand that getting this movement down, especially the strict version, doesn’t happen over night. Like many gymnastics movements we see, the HSPU requires a compliment of both strength and skill. Below are some scaling options we use, They are progressive, where you can start with one and work your way to the next. They are selected because they don’t just get your through the workout, they help you improve certain components of the movement so that you are getting closer and closer to being able to do a true HSPU. Take a look and think about what one you’ll do today!!



1 – 1 – 1 – 1 – 1

Clean and Jerk

1 – 1 – 1 – 1 – 1

Please see below for more!


A whole lot of flexy ninjas right there!

Today….We Lift!

Know what’s fun? PRing your oly lifts, that’s what’s fun! And today you’ll get a shot at it. As it’s written you’ll have 5 attempts at each lift. However, understand that there will be an opportunity to work up to get close to that 1RM. Time management will be key today. Spending too much time working on the snatch will take away time for your C&J, so keep an eye on the clock.

We deadlifted the other day and there were a lot of PRs. There also were many who didn’t get PRs. And that’s the way it goes. As you get stronger and better and improve your technique, and hit 1RM lifts that are true maxes, it can seem like forever until the next one. Try to keep your head straight about this. Not every day is a PR day. The mental game comes in here. If you miss some attempts on your way up, don’t freak out and don’t get upset. Stay calm and focused, spend some time recovering, talk with the coach about what they saw, and then get back to it. Loosing your cool will not a PR make!

This is a fun day in the gym. Embrace the opportunity to put your skill to work and hit some heavy lifts today!


Kipping Handstand Push-up

Today we’ll drill the HSPU using the kip. Check out the video below on some progressions you can try out.

Got HSPUs? Awesome! Complete 3 max effort sets with 2:00 rest between sets. Feel free to add a deficit if you feel froggy!


Complete 4 rounds for time of:

5 – 10 – 5 Sprint

10 Front Squats, Load = Body Weight

5 – 10 – 5 Sprint

Rest 2:00 Between Rounds

Remember 5-10-5 sprints? Here they are again!

This one from CrossFit Football!

The 6am crew!

Kipping Handstand Push-up Progressions!

Here are a few of the progressions you’ll be using today. Check it out!!


The Filthy Fifty

Complete for time:

50 Box jumps, 24″/20″

50 Jumping Pull-ups

50 Kettlebell swings, 55#/35#

50 Walking lunges

50 Knees-to-elbows

50 Push press, 45#/35#

50 Superman/superwomen

50 Wall balls, 20#/14#

50 Burpees

50 Double-unders

Compare to: 12/31/15, 10/7/14, 5/8/14, 2/12/13, 6/26/12, 2/8/12, 1/24/11, 5/7/10

Jessica is down with the Filthy Fifty, are you?!

Benchmark Day!

Today you get to hit another classic CrossFit benchmark WOD, are you excited?! You should be! 50 reps of 10 different movements, this is a fun one. You know we’re big fans of tracking these benchmark workouts to monitor progress. If you’ve been at this for a while, you know that it gets harder and harder to hit PRs every single time you jump into one of these WODs. And that’s OK, it happens. Think about the last time you did this and consider a different strategy. Be sure to look at your previous best and have that number in mind so you can crush it! If you’re newer to CrossFit and you’ve only done this workout a couple of times, get after it and see what you can do. Our advice to you on this workout is to keep moving. A steady pace of getting through one movement and immediately starting on the next typically works better than going from broke right out of the gate and then having your body force you to rest often for the rest of the workout. 

Remember what Ben Burgeron recently put out there: “Your workouts aren’t painful. Pain is stepping on a nail or losing a loved one. What you are experiencing is just discomfort, and you can handle high levels of discomfort for very long periods of time.”


Strict Press

4 x 4 @ 80% 1RM



1 – 1 – 1 – 1 – 1 – 1 – 1

Today you’ll be working up to a heavy single. Add weight each set. Don’t start counting the reps until you get to 85%. Make jumps keeping in mind what your goal is for the day and make it happen!


Welcome Lauren L!!!

We’d like to welcome Lauren to the staff of Evolve! You might know her as a CrossFit athlete, or maybe as an Olympic Weightlifter competing in the American Open. You might even know her as Josh’s wife! Lauren has been around Evolve for a long time and we’re now very lucky to have her working as part of our team. Lauren will be helping with the management of the gym, which I’m grateful for. You will see her contact information on the website and she will be your point of contact for membership changes and/or cancellations (which we hope you never contact her for!) as well as being the contact for new prospective members. Lauren will also be helping with a variety of task behind the scenes that though you will likely never know about, are really important to making sure you have a great experience as a part of our gym.

In July, you’ll also see Lauren coaching some WODs as well as helping with intros and test-outs. With that, you’ll see her this week shadowing some of your coaches. Lauren has many years of coaching experience, so this will be so she can become familiar with how we run things as well as to get to know you guys!

Below is Lauren’s bio for you to take a look at. Please help us welcome Lauren to Evolve, we’re really stoked!

Hi, my name is Lauren and I am lucky to have been born and raised here in Colorado. My first introduction to CrossFit was back in 2006 when my older brother would come home to visit and proceed to tell me how amazing this new way of working out was….he would watch countless videos of other people doing workouts. One I specifically remember was a video of these three women doing some workout, later I came to learn they were the OG’s of CrossFit and the workout they were doing was named after them: “Nasty Girls- Annie Sokamoto, Nicole Carroll and Eva Twardokens. During that time I was attending UNC in Greeley, studying Sports and Exercise Science, and was part of the UNC Swimming and Diving team as a diver. Needless to say thought I knew everything about exercising and my brother was just some weirdo that did these really awkward looking things called “kipping pull-ups”!!!

Not long after I graduated from UNC, I joined a CrossFit gym and was hooked just like my brother. I received my Level 1 certification in 2011 and have been coaching and doing CrossFit ever since. I love the community aspect of CrossFit, it made me feel like I was part of a team again and I was being challenged in my workouts which I hadn’t had in a long time. Being a coach and getting to help people achieve goals they never thought were possible is what makes what I do for a living the best job!

Rest Day!

A father is a man who expects his son to be as good a man as he meant to be.

– Frank A. Clark

Papa Fish, one of the best dads around! Here’s to all the fathers our there today!



Franklin 602

Complete 2 rounds for time of:

34 Squats

200m Run

10 Cal Row

200m Run

12 Burpees

200m Run

14 V-ups

200m Run

15 Push-ups

200m Run

21 Sit-ups

Time cap will be 40:00. We don’t think you’ll need it but just to be sure!

In memory of Ryan Franklin.