Back Squat Single


Complete every minute on the minute for 20:00 of:

Even Minute: 6 “Touch and Go” Hang Power Snatch, 55% 1RM

Odd Minute: 20 Double-unders


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The Murph Challenge

Once again we’ll be hosting the Murph Challenge on Memorial Day. This is a powerful event for many reasons and you will want to be a part of it. We will run Murph during the 9, 10, and in place of the 11am Open Gym on Memorial Day. These will be the only WOD times on the schedule this day. We will bump up the numbers available to sign up for this workout. The cap will be strictly enforced simply because we are limited on pull-up space.
For those not in the know, Murph is:
Run 1 Mile
100 Pull-ups
200 Push-ups
300 Squats
Run 1 Mile
Rx is while wearing a 20#/14# weighted vest or body armor. 
As part of The Murph Challenge we encourage you to register for the event. This event is not only about remembering and honoring Lt. Michael Murphy and all of those who gave their all so we can live in freedom, but to raise money for The LT Michael P. Murphy Scholarship Fund. You can read more about The Murph Challenge here.
On Saturday May 28th at 7PM we will screen Lone Survivor at the gym. Janelle brought this idea to us two years ago and we think everyone would agree that it really set the stage for the workout by giving us a bit of perspective as to what Murph, as well as Memorial Day, is all about.
We hope to see you at both Saturday’s screening and Monday’s Memorial Day Murph!


Skill Test 1: Max Effort Handstand Hold (scaled: ME supported handstand hold)

Skill Test 2: 90-degree Handstand Turn, each direction (scaled: rotate around box while in pike position)

Skill Test 3: Max Distance Handstand Walk (scaled: lateral walk on wall or ME wall walks)

You get 3 attempts at each. 


Partner WOD on a Tuesday….say what?!

In teams of 2 complete as many rounds as possible in 15:00 of:

5 Floor Press, 135#/95#

10 Sit-ups

15 Lateral Hops over Parallette

While Partner 1 completes the first round, Partner 2 will row for Cals. Partners will alternate rowing each round. Score is total Cal and rounds completed.

Nicole during the In-House Comp!!

The Floor Press

It’s been a while since we’ve worked the floor press. This is a great movement to develop pressing strength and improve the lockout position. Check out the video below on what we’re looking for today. If you’ve never done this before, start light and get a feel for it, there is more skill involved that you think!


Skill Test: Max Effort Parallette L-Sit

Do a true L-sit or scale as needed (options here).  Fight hard for a legit time!


Front Squat Single


Complete for time:


21 – 15 – 9


Handstand Push-ups (see scaling options here)

Compare to: 01/06/16, 5/6/15, 1/7/14, 3/4/14, 6/12/13, 2/4/13, 10/29/12, 8/27/12, 3/26/12, 2/2/12

ALL of the deadlifts!


Diane. A classic CrossFit benchmark WOD. We love benchmarks because we can use it as a test to track improvement. It’s not a complete test by any means, and one workout doesn’t tell the whole story. But it does give us a way to assess where things are at, especially with the deadlift and HSPU with Diane. As we promised, there are several benchmark WODs we’ll be repeating every 3 months throughout the year. Today is one of those days. 
If you’ve only done this workout a few times, come in and get after it and beat that last time. If you’re a veteran at Diane and have many scores under your belt, be sure to think about the strategies you’ve used in the past and think about how they worked. When you’ve been at it a while and your times are getting under the 4 of 5 minute mark, “go faster” may not work anymore. Consider how you break your reps and try something new. Of course you could also go unbroken!

Rest Day!

The greatest weapon against stress is our ability to choose one thought over another.

– William James



Christy ready for take-off!


Saturday Teamwork!

In teams of 2 complete on the 2:00 for 24:00:

0:00: Squats

2:00: Kettlebell Swings, 55#/35#

4:00: Burpees

6:00: Ab-Mat Sit-ups

8:00: Push-ups

10:00: KB Lunges, 55#/35#

12:00: Wall Walks

14:00 through 24:00 will repeat from the start. 

You have 2 minutes to accumulate as many reps as a team as possible. Switch however and as often as you like.

The coaches are mean here. Look at Josh yelling at Taylor!!



Back Squat Double


Complete for perfection:

10 x 5 Touch-and-Go Hang Power Snatch, 55% 1RM

Anja getting after it!

More Cycling of the Barbell!

Another session focussing on moving the barbell efficiently. We can’t stress enough how working on these little things will have a great impact on your WODs. Sometimes it doesn’t feel super sexy working on things like gymnastics skills or barbell work at lighter weights with a focus on technique, but it’s an important component of your training. Unfortunately it’s often overlooked in favor of a focus on simply pounding folks into the ground day after day. The problem with that is the lack of improvement. Plateaus come early and often. 
Soon you’ll come across a workout that, among other things, will include a large number of reps at a sub-max weight. All of the work you’ve put it on perfecting your barbell cycling will pay off, and you’ll be stoked. Stay focussed today!



Max Effort Hold (check out scaling options here!)

50% Max Effort Hold

Max Effort Hold

Rest :30 between attempts.


Complete for time:

9 Power Snatches, 115#/75#

Run 100m

15 Power Snatches, 115#/95#

Run 200m

21 Power Snatches, 115#/75#

Run 300m 

From CFHQ!

Tiff’s ready to go!

The Charter of CrossFit

Mechanics, Consistency, and Intensity. These three things are the heart of the application of CrossFit. Today we’re going to talk about Consistency. There are a couple of ways to apply consistency to CrossFit. One way is consistency in movement, or in other words, consistency in mechanics. See that? They’re related. But we’re not going to talk about consistency in mechanics right now. We’re going to talk about consistency in training. Consistency in getting into the gym to throw down. Day after day, week after week. 

We have a pretty large gym at Evolve. Our population of athletes ranges in demographics: age, background, experience, gender. Take a look and there are all sorts who call Evolve home. There’s also another factor we can look at. Consistency. We have those who stick to a routine in and out. They train 5 days a week, or maybe 4, or 3. They have their days, and they come in week after week, month after month. We also have those who come in sporadicly. A day here, maybe a week with no visits, then maybe a couple days. Then a few weeks off. As coaches, you know what we prefer! Monday’s are a great example. Monday’s are crazy busy. We asked Apprentice Tito to help us during the 5pm and 6pm because so many people come in to throw down. Those WODs stay busy the rest of the week, but nowhere near the numbers we see on Mondays. Where does everyone go?!?!

You came to Evolve (or whatever gym it is that you train at) for a reason. There are lots of reasons, and they’re all great, but they all require one thing for you to achieve them. Guesses? Yep….consistency. No matter what it is that you’re after, you need to get in and get to work to make it happen. On days that include but are not limited to Mondays. We hope to see you today. And tomorrow!




Front Squat Double


Complete 3 rounds for time of:

16′ Handstand Walk (sub shoulder taps/15 second handstand holds)

25 Wall Balls, 20#/14#

16 Pistols (alternating)

Up against the wall!

What’s With The Booze?

Here’s a great article from The Whole Life Challenge about alcohol, the physiological impacts, and how it relates to your nutrition and training. Warning, depending on your feelings on happy hour, this article may make you a little sad! By no means are we suggesting you swear off all things fun including cocktails – you’ve seen our beer fridge right? –  but it’s good to know the big picture when you knock a few back. 
The Hard Truth About Happy Hour and Your Health

Alcohol. This is probably the most hot-button, hardline item there is when it comes to changing your diet. It’s the thing people seem to be the least willing to give up, but going dry for a stretch may be one of the most impactful things you can do for your health.

Marketers got real clever when it comes to our desire to stay fit while continuing to drink by offering “low calorie,” “low carb,” and “skinny” options. The truth is it’s not the carbs or calories that are the root of the booze problem. It’s the alcohol. Simply, the alcohol.

Let me explain why.

Alcohol Gets in the Way of Fat Loss

If fat loss is your goal, giving up the booze is a non-negotiable. Yes, you can still lose fat while enjoying the occasional cocktail, but it will be a slower path. When it comes to booze and fat-loss, you can’t have your beer and drink it, too.

This is because drinking essentially shuts off the pathway your body uses to access and burn stored fat. The reason being: your liver. Your liver has hundreds of jobs, one of them being supporting your metabolism. When there is alcohol in your system, your liver’s number-one job becomes to detoxify and remove that alcohol from your body.

Most of the alcohol you consume gets processed by your liver, and one standard drink takes about ten hours to be completely detoxified (on average). This means any sort of fat burning is put on hold while your liver puts out this toxin-entry fire that has been created. So, if you go out and have four glasses of wine, that’s forty hours that your fat burning abilities are on hold.

In addition, when alcohol is processed it breaks into what’s called acetate. The body starts using this acetate as its fuel source (see: How Alcohol Makes You Fat by Ben Greenfield), ignoring the fats, proteins, and carbs you’re getting from food. With nowhere to go and nothing to do, those fats, proteins, and carbs get stored as excess body fat. This is why many people still find themselves stuck when trying to lose body fat and “only drinking twice a week.”

Alcohol Triggers Sugar Cravings

Alcohol is comprised of sugar and carbohydrate with little to no nutrition. It tends to not only spark cravings for less-than-ideal foods, but can ignite a cycle of cravings following the sugar crash of a hangover.

The more you consume sugars, the more you crave them. The more you consume empty sugars (like alcohol) the more your body wants the nutrition it expected to get from all of those calories so it ups the crave-o-meter. (Remember, calories are supposed to come with things like proteins, fats, vitamins, and minerals.) That’s why we tend to get super hungry when we drink. That, plus lowered inhibition and poor decision making often leads to some poor food choices.

Alcohol Is Bad News for Your Immune Health

Another function of the liver is to support your immune system, and it cannot do so effectively while being hammered by alcohol. Alcohol also causes disturbances to your gut walls. This is especially true for beer, as gluten-containing barley is the primary ingredient. The proteins in gluten can cause damage to the villi that line your intestine, which are meant to pull the nutrients out of what we eat into the bloodstream. Your gut is where the healthy bacteria live that help your immune system stay strong. So, we want to keep that ecosystem thriving and working properly.

All this, plus what laying off the bottle does for your skin, performance, overall digestion, and general productivity levels. Reconsidering happy hour yet? But don’t despair, I have some tips for you…

How to Enjoy Alcohol in a Healthier Way

Alcohol is a part of most adult’s social lives. That makes cutting alcohol the toughest part of getting healthy for many people. While I do recommend abstaining for a couple of weeks to start, after that it’s fine to have the occasional cocktail. Alcohol can be incorporated as a part of a healthy lifestyle. It’s just a matter of making smarter choices when you do partake.

  • Start with 14 to 21 days of sobriety before the reintroduction of “friendly alcohols.”
  • Your least offensive options will be low-sugar, gluten-free spirits: tequila, many rums, gins, and vodkas. Mixed with lemon, lime, or grapefruit juice, club soda, or even coconut water, these make for a tasty cocktail that won’t send you off the rails.
  • When you are going to indulge in a beverage, don’t go for the cheapest stuff. Buy better quality vodkas, gins, and rums, and always opt for 100% agave tequila.
  • When it comes to wine – the drier the better. Common sense tells us the sweeter the wine, the more sugar it contains. Chardonnays, Sauvignon Blancs, Pinot Grigio, Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec, and Pinot Noir are all lower sugar/drier options. Even a brut or extra brut sparkling wine works (contrary to popular belief).
  • If you are going to have beer, go for a quality craft beer (these typically have better ingredients, generally no fillers, and are generally higher quality) or something gluten-free.
  • Ciders are a great beer alternative, and there are a ton of interesting ones on the market. These can be high in sugar, though, so be careful not to overdo it.
  • Make sure to drink ample amounts of water to stay as hydrated as possible when you do go out for a few drinks. Have a glass of water between every alcoholic beverage.

So there’s your crash course in booze. Short and sweet, and maybe not exactly what you wanted to hear. The truth is there’s no perfect answer and everybody’s tolerance level is different. You don’t have to give alcohol up forever, but do use common sense and good judgement when comparing the pros and the cons of enjoying a drink or two.

In his book The Paleo Solution, Robb Wolf said, “Drink to the degree that it doesn’t negatively affect the way you look, feel, or perform.” That’s pretty solid advice, and you need to decide for yourself where that line is.


The 5 – 10 – 5 Drill

2 @ 50% effort

1 @ 75% effort

1 @ 100% effort

Rest 3:00 between each rep.


Complete 4 rounds for time:

6 Deadlift, 225#/155#

30 Double-unders

12 Strict Pull-ups

Inspired by CFFB!

KV and the ladies chatting it up!

CrossFit Evolve Summer Teens Explosion!

“I’m sooooooooo bored!!! There is NOTHING to do?” Sound familiar? With summer break just weeks away are you wondering what your 10- 15 year old can do to increase their fitness, stay busy, AND reduce YOUR stress level too? CrossFit Evolve is offering the Summer Teen Explosion from June 2nd- July 28th for athletes ages 10- 15. During this summer session we will challenge teen athletes in a wide range of physical tasks that will build strength, stamina, teamwork, collaboration, grit, and FUN! We will cap off the experience with a PARENT- TEEN PARTNER COMPETITION on Saturday, July 30th from 10:30- 12:00pm. You will NOT want to miss this great opportunity for your teen athletes to practice CrossFit, talk about nutrition, and make new friends. All levels of experience are welcome. 


June 2nd- July 28th

2:45- 3:45pm (Tuesdays and Thursdays)

Parent- Teen Partner Competition–> Saturday, July 30th (10:30- 12:00pm)

Cost- $200/ athlete (ages 10-15)

Athlete Cap- 18


For more information check out the CrossFit Evolve Teens Page!



Back Squat Double


Complete every minute on the minute for 18:00:

Event Minutes: 3 Touch-and-Go Power Snatch, 50-55% 1RM

Odd Minutes: 6 Squats

The wolfpack of 3.

Spring Cleaning And Then Some!

Things are going to look a little different when you roll into the gym today. We have a renovation plan for the spring and summer and it started over the weekend. The biggest thing you’ll notice is that we removed the kids area. We spoke to several parents and paid close attention to the area’s use over the last month. The result? It’s been hard for parents to keep their kids in there, especially when other kids are at the gym and not using the kids area. It also was empty more than it was used. That coupled with the fact that it really needed to be rebuilt made us decide to take it out. The kids are spending way more time sitting on the couch and playing on phones and iPads. Which leads us to the next thing you’ll notice!
We removed the black L-couch which was showing some serious wear. That couch will be replaced with 2 new couches that will be delivered mid-week, giving us some more seating. Kids are welcome to sit on the couches while their folks work out, but we need the parents to ensure their kids are treating the gym furniture like furniture at home. We’ll ask that you keep them from doing things other than sitting on them, and the “no food in the gym” rule for the little ones is still in effect. 
There are some other changes and rearranging that you’ll also notice. We think it will make your experience better and hope you dig it!