Behind-the-neck Snatch Grip Sotts Press

3 x 7

Focus on the form rather than the load. This is higher reps that we usually perform. It may be with PVC, it may be with an empty bar. Whatever it is, it will be good.


Complete for time:

10 Deadlift, 275#/185#

20 Front Squat, 185#/125#

30 Jerks, 135#/95#

40 Thrusters, bar only – no added load

Run 400m


Ali ready to go overhead!

Today is the official last day of this round of programming. Usually we end on a Friday, but because we switched things up to hit some of those old games workouts, it pushed things a couple of days. The rest of the week (Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday as a rest day) will be used as a short de-load period. The workouts will be designed so that your output will be around 70%. This is important because the reality is that it’s impossible to sustain maximum intensity for an indefinite period of time. You might think that you do give max all the time, but it’s just not true. If you don’t consciously back off every once in a while, your body will make you do it. The thing that’s tough about de-load periods is that those who have been at this for a while and have been consistent with getting into the gym really need it. Those who are sporadic about hitting WODs don’t need it as much. That being said, you have the option to hit the WOD as hard as you choose to. Our recommendation will be to back off a little bit and have fun with it. Regardless, there won’t be any scaling up in load or reps this week. In place of skill or strength the rest of the week, you’ll see some focused mobility. Enjoy the break!

On Monday we’ll start a 2 week cycle of fun. There won’t be any strength or skills for those 2 weeks, with the exception of some skill instruction related to that day’s WOD. Anyone out there have some hero WODs they’d like to check off their list?

Following that 2 week fun cycle, we’ll begin a 12 week period with some specific goals for the programming. We think you’ll be pretty happy with what we have in store. More info on that will follow!!




Complete for time:

50 Wall balls, 20#/14#

9 Snatch, 135#/95#

9 Muscle-ups

50 Wall balls, 20#/14#

7 Snatch, 135#/95#

7 Muscle-ups

50 Wall balls, 20#/14#

5 Snatch, 135#/95#

5 Muscle-ups

Just like with Amanda, you’ll squat the snatches.

Who’s psyched for some wall balls?

On Sunday night the CrossFit season came to an end. Were you surprised at the results? Rich Froning takes it for a 4th year, and Camille Leblanc-Bazinet takes the for her first time. There were some epic performances over the weekend, and from the talk around the gym, many of you watched a good portion of what went down over the weekend. The thing I like about the games is that each year, we get to watch the best of the best do their thing, and we can relate to it. A wall ball is a wall ball whether you’re competing for the podium in California or you’re coming into your local box before you go to work.

Also, we want to give a shout out to Pat Burke of MBS CrossFit who also happens to be Dave D’s son-in-law. Pat finished 33rd overall. When you think about fighting through the Open, then competing against the best of the Southwest at the Regionals, it’s an amazing accomplishment to make it to Carson and then to finish 33rd. That’s 33rd in the world. Legit.

We hope that watching these top CrossFitters show us just what’s possible has fired you up and impacted your training in a good way. We only have 7 months until the 2015 Open starts, time to get after it!


1. Perform 6 reps of each warm-up movement (see post below). Note: the video below is for the clean. You’ll use your snatch grip for today.

2. Snatch Pull-Under

1 – 1 – 1 – 1 -1

Add load each time if possible. Important to keep in mind, absolutely no dip and drive prior to pulling over. This is all about speed under the bar.


Complete 2 rounds for time of:

20 Cal Row

20 Pistols (alternate legs)

15 Kettlebell snatch, 55#/35# (alternate arms)

3 Wall walks

Prepping the shoulders for overhead like today’s snatch work is an important component to your warm-up. Don’t take it lightly!

Today we have a specific warm-up prior to the snatch pull-unders. Use PVC for the warm-up and make sure everything is dialed in. The video below provides the clean version of the warm-up. You will doing this as a snatch. You’ll perform 6 reps of each of the following:


Shrug+lean+high elbow

Shrug/toes(same time)

Muscle snatch

Overhead squat

Snatch pull-under

Don’t worry, we’ll be there to guide you through!

Rest Day!

To avoid criticism, say nothing, do nothing, be nothing.

- Aristotle

Saturday fun!


Saturday Teamwork!


2010 CrossFit Games Team Event 3 (Kind of…)

In teams of 2, 3, or 4 complete 2 rounds of:

Run 400 meters

15 Jumps over 24” Box

15 Squat cleans, 95#/65#

30 Double-unders

15 Push-ups, hand must release from floor

15 sit-ups

30 yard Lunge

The first teammate will start the workout with the 400. The second person can’t start until the first is done with the 400. Passing of teammates is not allowed. So if you get to the double-unders and the teammate in front of you is till working on them, you can’t start yours until they’re complete.

Brian getting some bench press work in.



500m Row Time Trial

Row it as fast as possible.


2009 CrossFit Games Event 5

Complete 3 rounds for time:

30 Wall balls, 20#/14#

30 Squat Snatch, 75#/45#

KB Snatches...check

KB snatches? Check.

We have to give a shout out to Becca Hartley. Don’t know Becca? Well Becca finished 13th overall at the CrossFit Games today in the 60+ division. That’s the 13th fittest lady in the world. She’s an athletes over at CrossFit Eaton and is coached by our good friends Kevin and Christina Contreras who are co-owners of CF Eaton. We hear a lot from folks outside of the CrossFit world that they’re too busy, too out of shape, to un-athletic, and…..too old to do CrossFit. Often times these folks are younger than most of us! So here’s to Becca and all the other Masters Athletes who this week showed the world that age is not a limiting factor when it comes to CrossFit!!


1:00 Max Wall Balls, 20#/14#

As many as you can do in 60 seconds. It’s total reps, they don’t have to be unbroken.


2008 CrossFit Games Workout B

Complete 5 rounds for time:

5 Deadlifts, 275#/185# (Masters 40+ 225#/155#, Masters 50+ 185#/130#)

10 Burpees


Patrick laughs at L pull-ups. How about L chest-to-bar pull-ups?!?!

Keeping on track with the nutrition theme inspired by last weeks talk, below is a video by coach Kendra on how her family shops, preps and cooks. We can’t overstate the importance of planning and preparation to keep things on track. Here’s a great resource to help you get started. If you’ve already been doing it, maybe you’ll get some tips from this.

We have to give a shout out to Chloe, who was the videographer/producer/director of this film. And thanks to Haley for the cameo. Your royalty check is in the mail!!


Max Unbroken Double-unders

We’ll put 5:00 on the clock. You have that time to complete an unbroken set of double-unders.


2007 CrossFit Games Hopper WOD

Complete for time:

Row 1000m

Then complete 5 rounds of:

25 Pull-ups (masters 15 pull-ups)

7 Push Jerks, 135#/85# (Masters 40-49, 115#/80#, Masters 50+ 95#/65#)

Fossil Football

Last week we has the opportunity to work with the Fossil Ridge Football Team for several days. What was on the menu? Squats of course!

On Saturday we hosted a nutrition talk following the Saturday WOD. I had Ashley A by my side to help share some of her knowledge, and it was awesome! This was way more of a conversation between all versus some sort of lecture, and a lot of good stuff came out of it. To me, one of the biggest take aways of the day is the importance of preparation. Everyone who was there and has been working on their nutrition shared the fact that if they take the time to prep meals, usually over the weekend, and make sure their refrigerator is filled with good, wholesome, real food, that it’s much easier for them to stay on track. To me, this is a common theme of those who are successful, so if you’re looking for a place to start, begin to think about preparation.

Ashley was kind enough to provide some great print-outs to assist you guys on your journey. The first hand-out is a comprehensive food list. This list provides the macronutrient content of a bunch of foods. It also has a great measurement and conversion chart to help figure out common kitchen measurements. One of the best things about this list is it breaks foods down into groups like cooking oils, healthy fats, lean proteins, fruits and vegetables, etc. Along with those, it also gives you some hints (use sparingly, limit the amount consumed, take prior to training session). At the back of this packet is a list of many of the common “diets” you may have heard of, along with a paragraph describing them.

The second packet is from Colorado State University titled Nutrition for the Athlete. It talks about the importance of each macronutrient as part of our training, and addresses hydration and pre-/post-training nutrition.

Copies of both of these are located on the refrigerator under the PR board. The information is out there. You’re surrounded by people who have worked at this and are dialed in. The resources for you to dial in your nutrition are all around you. What are you waiting for?! Let us know if we can help!



Complete for time:

50 Box jumps, 24″/20″

40 V-ups

30 Push-ups

20 Parallette Dips

10 Tripple-unders



Devon’s got L-pull-ups for days!

OK guys, we promised some excitement for the upcoming games. Here’s the deal, starting tomorrow, the WODs for the rest of the week starting on Wednesday will be from the earliest CrossFit Games, starting with 2007. We’ll have the following divisions for you guys:

Men’s RX

Women’s RX

Men’s Scaled

Women’s Scaled

Men’s Masters (40+)

Women’s Masters (40+)

Instead of listing the times/rounds on the boards in order of the daily WOD as we usually do, we’ll just put times under the appropriate category. At the end of the day, the person(s) with the fastest time/most rounds in each division will be announced on social media, where all important information lives! As part of these 3 days, we’ll also have a floater WOD between the warm-up and the WOD. This will be some sort of cool max effort or max reps event. Trust us, it will be rad! We hope to see you there!


Front Squat

Work up to a 1RM in 20:00


Complete every minute on the minute for 15:00 of:

2 Power Cleans, 75-80% 1RM

5 Strict Chest-to-bar Pull-ups

Our new sign spinner. Only a few child labor laws have been violated, but I know his dad.

The CrossFit Games are right around the corner. It’s pretty crazy to think that this all started way back in the winter when the Open started. And after 5 weeks of the open, followed by Regionals, all here we are. I would bet that many of you guys will have some productivity issues at work during the Games. We’ll keep it a secret from your bosses.

We have some fun stuff lined up for you guys to get us all in the spirit. Keep an eye to the social media site as well as here and get ready.